Venus Transmissions In Mount Shasta 9. 07-10. 17

Greetings Beloved Hearts~ We wish to speak to you regarding our Journey ‘Home’ to Mount Shasta,  Sept. 7-10 th.
Let us enter the Fires of Love, Light and Creation Power together as we drop into our space of ONENESS together~

With Great excitement we step into the flow of what we know will be an amazing journey of deep connection to parts of ourselves that we are ALL ready to meet and embrace. We invite you to drop into the knowing within to recognize if this journey of personal and planetary healing and Expansion is for YOU~
The Masters come to share the the very fabric of our of our awareness and perception is ready to be opened to a new level of receptivity.
Our Venusian Higher Self, IXTARA, now steps forward ….
“In this time of great awakening the doors of the temple are wishing for more momentum in the widening of it’s open path …calling in those who are ready to step forward into the Beauty and Mystery of their galactic connection. We will facilitate an ushering in of a great influx of new light frequencies, awaiting for the open door, to be anchored upon this Earth Mother. SHE calls to her planetary Sistar , Venus to support the very embodiment of Love in its true divine Nature to be re introduced in the grids of HER Body, into the Leylines of HER inner Matrix. We come in numbers to support those of you who will stand as emissaries to seed this Frequency with US …for you as Earth Citizens hold the capacity to be great conduits for such an influx. The more that gather, the greater we will be able to pour forth this wave of intelligence and unbridled impassioned Love that Earth Mother calls in. For SHE is awaiting this planetary Service that WE as a collective, shall bring in and seed together. “ IXTARA representative of the Venusian Councils of Love and Wisdom.

Wow as we write this letter we can touch into the enormity of what we will be doing with the teams of Enlightened Masters and Archangels…and let us say we are so GRATEFUL to those of you who hear this call to gather at this time with US!!

On a practical note here is the info on what we will be doing~

Thursday Evening Sept. 7th 8pm -9:30pm~ By Donation. At The Temple of Intention
The Crystalline- CHRIST ALIGNED HEART of Re-unification

Join us for the profoundly deep alchemical Violet Alchemy®Sound Journey into the Self to receive the repatterining of the 4 chambers of your heart to create transmutation of deeply held attachments, karma, genetic patterns and limiting beliefs. Working with Light Technologies of the Enlightened Masters and Archangels, One may receive the gifts and blessings for transformational shifts.

Friday afternoon 1:00 pm- A Gifting for Gaia- Planetary Healing Ceremony by Donation 
Place – Panther Meadow,  Mt. Shasta


Friday Eve., Sept. 8th, 7pm – 9pm & Sept. 9th and 10th, Saturday & Sunday 10am -5pm @ The Gallery, in Mount Shasta

“Beloved Ones, we Invite you to this most Auspicious offerings from the Many of the One, to deliver into the Crystalline Core of your being a precious gift of Divine Frequency to raise your vibration and light quotient in support of personal and planetary ascension. We will anchor a Spiritual portal to open the Gateways into the higher dimensional bandwidths of light to be able to stream the Divine Gifts that are waiting to be offered. We will offer instruction, guidance and messages of love from our Divine presence and Higher Selves and the Ascended Masters to create the Alchemical container for the raising of Consciousness. This will be a High frequency experiential weekend of Divine Love and Empowerment. Our time together will lift everyone and also be an important gifting to Mother Gaia.”

We will be streaming encoded Languages of Light as a Divine Voice Channel through our time together. This is our primary Divine communication as we deliver as a Vocal Geometrist and Alchemical Rainbow Bridge Sound Healer

+++Self Investment for Thursday & Friday evenings along with Saturday and Sunday 10-5pm+++ 
 $333 ~ $388 (Thursday Only is by donation at Temple of Intention)  contact us:

Friday eve, September 8th, 2017 ~ 6:45 arrive – 9:00pm
7:00 Welcome- Introduction – Making a Heart Connection with each other

7:15- Ruby Tara- Meditation – In through the 5 dimensions of your Heart

7:45- Archangel Michael – Clearing the Gateways

8:05- Archangel Metatron – Preparing for the dispensations of Light

8:25- First Core Teaching with Ama’zjhi and her Sirian Higher Self

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 ~ 10:00-5pm
10:00- SaKu Rama- calling in the Teams of Light and Anchoring the Portal

10:30 – Heart Connection
10:45 -Guided Meditation into the 3 fold flame of Unity Consciousness 30 Includes 5 min journal entry

11:20- Mother Isis- Reflection- (Wisdom Teaching) + 10 min Journal entry

12:00- Sharing
12:30 Mother Isis- Dispensation of Holographic Light Technologies -The Ruby Rose of Self Devotion

1:00- 2:15 LUNCH

2:15- Sanat Kumara- A Message.

2:45- Body Break
3:00- Second Core Teaching with Ama’zjhi

3:45- Song of Activation with Ama’zjhi

4:00- Journal Entry

4:15- Archangel Metatron – Activation of The Crystalline Gateways of Ascension

4:45-5pm- Sharing and Closing Circle

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 ~10:00-5pm

10:00- Galactic Mantra- attuning to the 7th dimension eee ya oh ruuuuu, lo ma, ra sha, ti ah nah way ay sah (4.1.17 voice memo)

10:15- Great Divine Director- Wisdom Message

10:30- Sacred Sound Codes for the Galactic Gateways with Ama’zjhi

11:00- Ruby Tara- Dispensation- The Ruby Star of Celestial Connection

11:30- Third Core Teaching with Ama’zjhi

12:15- Divine Mother Transmission & Integration Movement

1:00-2:15 LUNCH

2:15- Mother Isis- Activation for the Keepers of the Great balance of Truth

2:45- Body break

3:00- Sanat Kumara- Dispensation- The Halo of Illumined Presence

3:15- Hathors- Sound Codes of Venusian Unification

3:45- Fourth Core Teaching with Ama’zjhi

4:30- Ruby Tara- Dispensation – The Robe of Celestial Light

4:40- 5pm- Sharing and Closing Circle- Sealing into Gaia’s Heart

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