Dona Ho Lightsey  aka Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara is a Mentor of the Divine University, A Celestial Sound Creatrix, Vocal Alchemist and the Creator and Master Healer of Violet Alchemy® Dowsing- Healing, Cleansing and Empowerment, & High Priestess for Sacred Chant Ceremonies of Love, Light and Creation Power, The Magdalen Initiations and SHAKTI M POWER workshops. 

Through her Divine God Presence as Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara Dona has been initiated into her Multi-dimensional self where she has access to her her Ancestral, Galactic and Celestial streams of her greater being. She is one of the 28 Mentors in the Divine university through http://www.thesiriuslibrary.com

“Through the Violet Alchemy® Temple, we share multi- dimensional experiences of higher consciousness, teaching the importance of the balance between the Solar and Lunar aspects of One’s soul for through the healing and then communion of these 2 sides of oneself may we find true recognition of the greater Divine self, and know the Beloved within which can lead to the reclamation of co-creatorship with SPIRIT.

We offer group experiences of healing journeys of Violet Alchemy® Transmitting Divine Light and Love, guided meditations and channeled teachings and activations from the many Enlightened Masters and Mothers & Archangels as a Ceremonial High Priestess.

Creating sacred space through ritual, prayer and sound and light frequencies creates the alchemical pot for magic and miracles to happen.

Letting go of illusions and karma and reclaiming the pieces of your own soul, leads one back to harmony, greater alignment and peace. Through the resolution of One’s Karmic wounds, patterns and themes one may live out the higher potential of ones mission and be the co-creator with Spirit and live a life of empowerment and fulfillment. Receiving the Divine transmissions supports one in connecting to their Body of light so that they may reclaim their spiritual gifts and mastery.

Message from El Morya to Ama’zjhi- “Beloved Heart you bring a gift of illuminated Love~ it is light infused Shakti, we say. this illuminated love brings one into an elevated experience of self, It re-configures within a being a most precious experience of knowing themselves as divine. This truly is a gift we say, for this remembrance brings a deep shift in ones consciousness …. if they are unawake, it will awaken them, If they are awake it will inspire them. And overall with every group that you work with it ignites the holy flame of love to be experienced. The gifts of your Ancestral self, allows a reconnection to be made to the heart of the Mother, but when experienced, one realizes that the heart of the Mother is the re-installation of Gaia’s umbilicus to each one allowing every Soul to recommit to their own birthing once again.. The birthing is the coming into a greater experience of knowing oneself as not only as a child of God, but also as a citizen of the Earth. A spiritual awakening can happen on our planet if each one here recognizes and remembers the pride and the auspicious opportunity that has been given to us to be on this planet to create change, to merge with our spirit and to reconnect to Gaia’s heart once more.”

Be it that it may delight you to know that the emergence of your ancestral self allows you to create a much greater bridge we say for the delivery of this shakti which comes also through your voice…the delivery of your sounds, your songs, your codes, will indeed deliver the love that is needed for humanity’s healing, remembering and ascension. The delivery of these codes and songs also assists and supports the magnification of God’s Light and power to be delivered into the earth when working in tandem or within a trinity, we say, of Beings who hold the same intention whilst in ceremony or communion. You will find there will be others who are wishing to join you to bring forth events and experiences of elevation for all of those will gather as well as the uplift-ment for the energies on the land or property. A greater awakening awaits… this will be delivered easily and beautifully, we say, with each opportunity that is presented for you to step forward.  Saying “yes”, to the opportunities, will ensure a greater momentum for you to truly birth in a greater way, the magnification of the gifts you wish to share…We say, Do not hesitate to drop into your core and radiate your presence, your essence…be humble and magnificent, be true and aligned with the beauty of God’s love that will flow through you . There is no hesitation needed, nor is there any form of adversity before you.

2001-2007 Violet Alchemy® Healing was evolving- a modality of multi-dimensional, energy healing for the evolution of your Soul

2010-  Violet Alchemy® Dowsing was officially registered. ® 

2011- Violet Alchemy® Cleansing was birthed.

Vocal Alchemist, Certified Sound HealerMaster Energy Healer, Celestial Sound Creatrix and Ambassador to the Celestial Planes, Divine Mother Channel

“We have received over a thousand healings, dispensations, activations, and initiations from Mother Isis, Tara, Jesus/Sananda, St. Germaine, Babaji, Maitreya, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen/Nada, and the many enlightened Masters and Archangels who have been overlighting our work and expansion for our role as a spiritual healer and teacher for over 30 years.”


1987, she enrolled at the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy to get her professional license after being awakened In 1986, by John Michael SherdonSpiritual Master, author of the book – Entering the City of Light. John’s wisdom, and guidance opened up her world to universal truths, the I AM Presence, the Christ Consciousness, and the Ascended Masters. In 1998, Dona studied with Stevan J.Thayer, an invaluable Mentor, and Creator of Integrated Energy Therapy and author of the book Interview with an Angel. Dona became an IET® MASTER INSTRUCTOR, and had the honor to advance her studies of the Angelic realm with him, empowering her to teach IET for many years. In 2001, after 15 years of meditation, Dona began receiving much more direct guidance and communication from the many Enlightened Masters and Violet Alchemy® Healing began formingIn 2002 – Trained in the first level of Serenity Vibration Healing Technique created by Jill Marie.

In 2003 she was ordained in the Order Of Melchizedek by the World Light Fellowship and again in 2005 by the Sanctuary of the Beloved. Her passion led her to world renowned Sound Healer and author Tom Kenyon and his teachings on Alchemy and Mary Magdalen. 2005-She received her Sound Healing Certification through Acoustic Brain Research from Tom Kenyon, During these years, many spiritual emanations of the Divine Mother started communicating with Dona (ISIS, Mother Mary, Magdalen, Quan Yin, Tara) In 2005 through 2016, Dona continues her studies with Emissary of love, and International new world teacher, Sri’ Ama Qala Phoenix. In March of 2008, Dona graduated from a 1 year program of advanced studies, as a Divine Mother channel of the Makira Pod from the Divine Mother Sacred Mystery School and in Feb. 2014 she graduated from her second 1 year program of the School of Loving Presence as a Mumara/student guide offering Akashic readings, Studied the Energy Science of our Universal Connection and She is now a Mentor of the Divine University through the www.thesiriuslibrary.com.

In 2009- received training from Toni Bergin creator of JourneyDance™ to become a JourneyDance™ Guide. For the past 15 years, Dona has been actively living the path of Reclaiming the God/dess within and leading sacred circles for people of all ages.

In February 2006 she released her first CD of channeled songs from different aspects of the Goddess/Divine Feminine, called The Lotus and The Rose: Offerings from the Chalice. Dona has been called by these Mothers to gather the women in ceremony, ritual and mystery to awaken the higher potential of the sacred empowered feminine as a Ceremonial High Priestess, in reclamation of their whole, holy selves. In 2015, 2 more healing CDs were released. Sound meditations and Violet Alchemy® Ascension Sound Codes.

Dona lives and works in New Paltz, NY with her beloved family.