Ama’zjhi is an initiated Spiritual Teacher and Healer on the Path of Ascension for 33 years. Creator & Master Teacher of Violet Alchemy® Healing & Purification and JourneyDance™ Guide for 11 years. She delivers Divine activations and Initiations for the Ones who are ready to claim their Divinity. Amazjhi is a Seer and channel for the Ascended Masters and Archangels. As a Vocal Alchemist and Sacred Ceremonialist, She brings the wisdom teachings, Sound Codes & Songs for the reclamation of Empowerment through the One Heart.

I AM the Keeper of the Divine Mothers Breath and Ambassador to the Celestial Planes. We hold the lineage of the 21 Taras’ in conjunction with the New Earth Technologies and education form the higher realms. We embody Shakti, the divine power of creation, needed for transformation on a cellular level and the activation of the original Divine consciousness. As an Initiated wisdom teacher and healer we help people to activate their Christ/crystalline/universal nature for evolution, igniting the co-creatorship and expansion of the Divine Light and Holy Love within.

I AM a global influencer for consciousness, as a veteran of the healing world, having gained mastery from experience of 30 years, and constant mentorship and training, as well as clear contact with the Enlighten Masters and Archangels for 23 years.

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You’re ready to take the next step from a place of humility and surrender to alleviate your suffering, to truly see what the Soul is asking you to see, and then, be willing to accept what your Soul still carries that has not fully come into balance. You’re ready to utilize the power of radical forgiveness to bring your self back to a place of love to liberate your being through the love, assistance , and support of the enlightened Masters. If you are ready to see what has not been seen and are ready to take full responsibility for what ever you are experiencing without Blame, Shame Guilt or Regret and then be in co-creatorship with Spirit to create a shift, an opening, a change toward greater empowerment and stability, WE welcome you. We will be your gentle, clear, educated and Initiated Guide to lead you toward greater truth and offer you the Energetic tools and technology to lead you back Home to your most authentic Self. On this journey you can expect more lightness of being returning to you. More strength, centeredness, authority and release through out your Being.

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Violet Alchemy

Violet Alchemy® is an ancient system w/ advanced light technology, a modality brought forth for these times of accelerated change to allow the true inner Divine Self to be activated and liberated allowing evolution of consciousness and a reclamation of One’s Divine Potential. Violet Alchemy®Purification Cleanses the energy field of lower energy attachments, Violet Alchemy®Healing transmutes the unresolved Psychological baggage, limiting beliefs, energies of dysfunction and absolves unresolved Karma. We created this system from 2000-2007 and it was registered trademarked in 2010.

Shakti Mpowerment

ShaktiMPowerment is the third part of the Violet Alchemy® system that was birthed in order to activate the Body Temple of Love and Empowerment. The offering of VA® ShaktiMPowerments and dispensations of light technologies can support the building of the body of light, the strengthening of temple of love and the embodiment of higher consciousness. For the Seekers, the Healers and the Influencers, these ShaktiMpowerments will greatly accelerate and advance the path of Ascension.

Divine University

We are so proud and honored to be one of the first Mentors and Spiritual teachers of the Divine University with a Specialty in ShaktiMPowerments through the bridging of the Planetary and Celestial realms.

The Divine University was envisioned by Qala sri Ama Phoenix for 20 years with the Guidance of the Enlightened Masters, and then co-created by an original group of 27 to birth this 5th Dimensional University.

The New Education and Wisdom Teachings that stream from the Divine University are profound and offer true Spiritual Food to all on their Spiritual Path