Avatar Master Series

“Lift up in Love and you will find the moment to heal will be defined, not by shunning,  nor casting out, but by holding compassion to re-route,  Expand in love, this is the way, to rise from shadow of the dark of day, hold yourself true to the inner light to recreate and ascend in flight~” ama’zjhi



@the Violet Alchemy® Temple

“We come at this time to Gather the leaders, the movers, the shakers and
the players, who with Emboldened Passion
choose to walk an elevated Path of Love.
Illuminated in the Body Temple of Love,
We walk together to co-create a movement of higher envisioning which will lead us HOME into our expanded State of I’M POSSIBLE.
This devoted Practice of tuning into God Frequency within
allows reconnected Circuitry to hook One up
to the gifts of the Multi-dimensional SELF.” Archangel Gabriel

“Technological speaking we are bringing forth advanced encodements of light, for the advancement of higher learning and consciousness embodied by the seekers who wish to receive the support given by us from the higher realms of existence. We wish to share that these advanced technologies enable One to reconfigure within the energetic matrix the templates held that no longer support the higher operating system needed to engage with the multi-dimensional bodies of light, that you are privy to should you wish to build and activate this potential. The choice is yours, Beloved family. We stand reading to offer you this support within the Violet Alchemy® Temple through The “Avatar Awakening” Series. Let it be known that we come to uplift each one of you through Vibrational transmissions delivered through Ama’zjhi. Together united by “cause and effect” , we shall raise in Light Capacity as we journey through the Multi-dimensional fields of Creation.”

 The Avatar Council- Great Divine Director, Buddha Maitreya, Sananda Christ, Lady Nada Magdalen, Mother Tara and Mother Isis and the Archangels~

Overlighted by the Higher Councils of Light and the Archangels, including Buddha Maitreya, Great Divine Director/Ganesha, Sananda, Nada, Isis, Lord Lanto, Tara, Saint Germaine, Hilarion , Archangel Gabriel, Zadkiel, Michael, Chamuel, Uriel, Amethyst, Metatron, Sandalphon, and the Divine Mother, and Ama’zjhi’s Higher Selves, Bridging the Shakti Body through Mother Earth and the Celestial Realms
“Avatar Awakening” co-created by Ama’zjhi aka. Dona Ho with the Enlightened Masters and Archangels. This series of classes is for the Initiates who have already awakened their Spiritual Practice, have experience with meditation and entering into higher states of awareness. Those who are on the Ascension Path and are committed to personal and planetary healing and the evolution of consciousness. This is for the leaders, the wayshowers, the healers, the seers, the Ones ready for Divine Connection and Communion with the Enlightened Masters and Archangels and within their own being.”

What is unique about working with Ama’zjhi Dona is her ability as a Divine Voice Channel or Vocal Alchemist Sound Healer to re- activate and re-pattern the energetic field, quickly and efficiently. She offers her Body Temple as a transmitter of divine frequency through packages of light, sound and vibration, that stream from the higher realms through the Galactic Highways of Light.
These encoded languages invite the recipient into a state of receptivity and re-alignment with the Oneness of All that Is, activating The dormant Energetic DNA for building the Crystalline Body of Light, enabling the true DIVINE SELF to emerge.
Ama’zjhi Dona has an ability to work through the Christ Gateways as a bridge between the Earthly and Celestial Realms. The light language that she delivers enables One to connect to their Body of Light, allowing the true Divine Nature of One’s being to re-emerge with greater ease and grace.

~Receive 8 Reflections – transmission of wisdom and guidance
~Receive 8 Activations – to create accelerated movement through awakening stands of energetic DNA for the purpose of raising the higher potential within.
~Receive 4 Healing – transmutation of energy obstacles that are enforcing stagnation, negativity and pain and suffering
~Receive 4 Blessings- from the One Heart to align you to your greater nature 
~Receive 16 Empowerments- specific Divine gifts to encode the Body of Light from the Archangels and Enlightened Masters.
~Receive the Magnified Power of working in Group Heart
~Receive the Acceleration of Higher Light Infusions from the Enlightened Realms
~Receive the Transmissions of Divine Light frequency and Shakti enabling a reconnection to the Holy Matrix of Ones’ Higher Presence.
~Receive FB invite to the Avatar Awakening page where we can share our experiences and questions.

Avatar Awakening w/ Ama’zjhi Audio Home Study – Receive recordings through drop box for only $300 ($37.50 per 2 hour Master Class). Allow at least one week between each class.
REGISTER : send payments to http://www.paypal.me/donaho
through PAYPAL.com CREDIT CARD accepted call or text 845-527-7564

The last recording was just an hour long intro…but there are some sweet gifts in the recording. Once you do AvatarAwakening #1 make sure you give yourself a week to integrate before you do #2 and so on….drinking a lot of water and working with prayers and awareness is important…. you may experience a lot of movement , remember that with each session you are in a continuation of what came before and as you take in greater and greater influxes of frequencies and shakti being transmitted more shifting will come to you. this may look like old energies surfacing..,do not judge them, rather honor them and consciously choose something different…let go self defeating patterns by encouraging new choices….you will be held by the Archangels and Masters in this journey, so continue to keep your heart open to their support`

blessed be your journey~ Ama’zjhi Dona

Avatar Anchoring  w/ Ama’zjhi Audio Home Study-   Receive recordings through drop box for only $150 ($37.50 per 2 hour Master Class). Allow at least one week between each class.  http://www.paypal.me/donaho

Part A- Avatar Awakening- Classes 1, 2, 3 & 4=  $150

Part B Avatar Awakening- Classes 5, 6, 7, & 8= $150

Class1. 1/17/17 – Awakening the Body Temple-  
5 min.- Welcome
20 min.- Guided Journey
10 min.- Reflection 1 – Buddha Maitreya
30 min.- Activation w/ Ama’zjhi – Activating the Geometries of Creation Power
20 min.- Empowerment 1- Archangel Gabriel- Sun Disc of Higher Awakening
Empowerment 2- Archangel Zadkiel- Violet Consumption Fire
30 min.- Mother Isis- Healing 1- for the Priestesses and Priests
5 min.- Closing.

Class 2- 1/24/17– Cleaning The Temple
5 min.- Welcome
20 min.- Guided Journey
10 min.- Reflection 2 from Mother Isis
30 min.-Activation 2 with Ama’zjhi- Activating the Geometries of Divine Light
20 min.-Empowerment 3- Archangel Gabriel- Illumination Matrix for the Mind
-Empowerment 4- Archangel Michael- Protection Protocol
30 min.-Healing/Cleansing 2- Mother Isis- The residue from a Fall from Grace in the Physical Body
5 min.- Closing

Class 3- 1/31/17- Rebuilding the Foundation
5 min.- Welcome
20 min.- Guided Journey
10 min.- Reflection 3 from Sananda Jesus
30 min.- Activation 3 from Lady Nada- Twin Flame of Sananda Jesus
20 min. -Empowerment 5- Archangel Chamuel- The Diamond of Devotional Love.
-Empowerment 6- Archangel Uriel- The Amrita of Self-love
30 min. -Healing 3 – Buddha Maitreya- Underlying instability of “Separation”
5 min. – Closing

Class 4- 2/7/17- Building the Geometries of I AM Presence 
5 min.- Welcome
20 min.- Guided Journey
10 min.- Reflection 4- Archangel Metatron
30 Min.- Activation 4- Saint Germaine -Activating the seeds of Light from your Souls’ lineage’s that come from the stars
20 min.- Empowerment 7- Archangel Zadkiel – Amethyst of Forgiveness
– Empowerment 8- Archangel Amethyst- Elevated Perception of Higher presence
30 min.- Healing 4-Divine Mother- Separation from Love of SELF
5 min.- Closing


Class 5 – 2/21/17- Creating the Temple of Love
5 min.- Welcome
15 min.- Journey into Presence
30 min.- Reflection 5 – Mother Isis
10 min.- Blessing 1- Archangel Chamuel of the 3rd Ray of Cosmic Love
20 min.- Empowerment 9- Lady Nada (Magdalen’s Ascended presence)
-the Ruby Rose of Self devotion
-Empowerment 10- Archangel Uriel- The Illuminated Mirror of Divine SELF acceptance
30 min.- Activation- Mother Mary- Activating the Heart of the Masculine
5 min.- Closing

Class 6- 2/28/17- Expanding the Heart
5 min.- Welcome
15 min.- Journey into the Galactic Heart
30 min.- Reflection 6 – Great Divine Director /Ganesha- the importance of One’s Starry Nature
10 min.- Blessing 2- Archangel Sandalphon
20 min.- Empowerment 11- Archangel Amethyst- The transmuting fire of Oneness for breaking the Vows of Singularity
– Empowerment 12- Archangel Zadkiel – Golden Violet Shaft of transfiguration
30 min.- Activation- Master Hilarion – Activating the seeds of Transfiguration
5 min.- Closing

Class 7 – 3/7/17- Re-Creating the Template
5 min. welcome
15 min. journey into the ONE EARTH HEART EART-H-EART
30- Reflection 7 – Mother Tara-the Vastness of Potentiality and the Gift of the Ruby Star
20 min. Empowerment 13- Lord Lanto- the Halo of infinite Illumination
Empowerment 14- Metatron- The Matrix of Divine Surrender
Activation- Jakuna Ma- Shakti transmission
15 min.- Blessing 3- Ruby Tara
5 min.- Closing

Class 8 – 3/14/17- Re-Connecting Gaia’s Umbilicus
5 min-. Welcome
15 min.- Journey up to the 7th Dimension
30 min.- Activation- Archangel Metatron- Sound Codes of Empowerment
10 min.- Empowerment 15- Buddha – Anchoring the Seeds of Awareness
10 min.- Empowerment 16 – Archangel Sandalphon – Song of the Earth
30 min.- Reflection 8 – The Divine Mother
15 min.- Blessing 4- Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara
5min.- Closing

Dona Ho Lightsey Aka. Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara- Keeper of the Divine Mother’s Breath. Creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing, Cleansing & Empowerment, VA® ShaktiMpower Path. Ama’zjhi is a Mentor of The Divine University through the siriuslibrary.com
Awakened through a Shaktipat experience over 30 years ago (transference of divine energy from teacher to student), our life has been devoted to the Path of Ascension. The journey with significant teachers opened the sacred space to allow the gifts, Initiations and Activations to be offered enabling our elevation. We have received hundreds of visitations by the Archangels and Enlightened Masters of Ascension guiding us on this path. We bring to you the Divine Gifts of 3 decades of experience that allow us to stand on the Altar with them.


“We say that this configuration of Council Members have joined together to support the ascension path of these that will answer the call for Avatar Awakening, Avatar Anchoring and Avatar Ascending, will indeed support the many facets of ascension work. This Council that gathers instills the necessary frequencies to manifest the re-alignment needed, allowing the full birthing to take place. We ensure that the Empowerments that are brought forth create a new vibrational resonance to enter in and entrain for the re-structuring of the body template inclusive of the multidimensional selves.”

The Council Members are; The Great Divine Director, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael , Mother Isis, Mother Mary, Sananda, Mother Gaia.

Each class can be received through Free conference call Phone number or through Webcast, or through being int the Violet Alchemy® Temple physical with us ~

Welcome- 5min
A Reflection from Archangel Michael- 15 min.
The reconfiguration of the Lower chakras 1-3 with Venusian Sound Mother -30 min.
The Application for Angelic Consecration – a formal plea for Angelic Ordination- 30 min.
A Journey – Ruby Temple of Reunification- Bearing witness to each others radiance- 20 min
Affirmations of divinity- 10 min
Closing Song of Ascension

Welcome -5min.
Meditation Journey into the Heart of Gaia Ma – 15 min.
A reconfiguration of the Heart Chakra with Venusian Sound Mother- 20 min
Empowering the Angelic DNA for the reconfiguration for a new placement – 30 min.
A Dispensation from Mother Isis- A Holographic Garment of Light- 20 min
Affirmations of divinity
Closing Song of Humility

Welcome- 5 min.
Mother Mary’s gift of Appreciation- 15 min.
A Reconfiguration of the Upper chakras -5-7 with Venusian Sound Mother
Empowering the Galactic DNA for accessing multiple streams of Avatar Awareness
A Dispensation from Lord Sananda- the Sacred Heart of unified presence.
Light language Mantras of Empowerment
Closing of Receptivity

A Reflection from Great Divine Director – the affirming of One’s identity. 20 min.
Transfiguration- Opening the Eyes of Multi-dimensionality with Mother Isis- 20 min.
Journey Into Gaia’s Womb of Re- creation- Mother Gaia – 30 min.
The Birthing of Avatar Consciousness- light infusions from Ama’zjhi- 20 min.
Ceremony of Re-connection to the ascended Self- 15 min
Sealing the Circle. 10 min.

AS SOME OF YOU KNOW THIS SERIES IS MADE UP OF 3 PARTS~  we would love for you to join us for the second part which is only 4 classes .
Part 2 -Avatar Anchoring  – 4 classes – $150
~   Paypal is-   www.paypal.me/donaho  or CC or checks to;
Dona Ho Lightsey, 44 South Ohioville Rd.  New Paltz, NY 12561
Part 3- Avatar Ascending is 5 classes long. 5 classes- $175-

“Being part of the Avatar Awakening series was such a sweet blessing at a perfect time! The ability to join in on the weekly class from Arizona while connecting with so many others who also joined from across the world was a powerful collective sacred space and gift. To receive the potent healing, teachings, sounds codes, messages and so much more each week was a beautiful initiation of growth. 
Being a long time student of Violet Alchemy® and Practitioner, Dona offered her wisdom, grace and clear reflections of the work for the most seasoned on the path and also for beginners. 
As the classes unfolded over the eight week journey, I could feel potent shifts, openings, adjustments and healing physically and energetically.
Each class divinely orchestrated for what was needed individually and for all. 
This course is one of great healing, initiation and awareness. It is a beautiful reminder to always come back to the self, the divinity within, and the expansive support network that is always available from the higher realms. You are bathed in the higher frequencies of light with each class and this in turn blooms into your life and those you are connected to. Allowing yourself the sacred space to journey within over these eight weeks, surely reaps rewards a thousand fold.” Sharon Stelluto

AVATAR ASCENDING PART 3 – Coming- begins 6/13/17- August 1st – Home Study Available by August 15th  5 classes for $175- 

1. Avatar Ascending -class 1- June 19th
7;00- welcome  and opening the Heart portal to expand into our higher self connection-
7:20- Reflection- a first Core Teaching  from Amazjhi with Sananda/Yeshua  regarding Mastery  -35min.
7:55-  A journey into the Middle Earth-Gaia’s gifting  of two Dispensations  – 25 min.
8:20- a 6th dimensional Recalibration for the Bones /Skeletal System with Buddha 25 min.
8:45- 1st wave of Galactic Sound Geometries.
2.  Avatar Ascending – class 2 – June 27th
7:00- welcome and opening the Heart Portal to expand into higher self connection
7:20- reflection- a first core teaching from Amazjhi with Mother Isis-  increasing capability of subtle communication with your Higher Selves
7:55- A journey into the Inner Earth- activating the inner Earth connection with Ama’zjhi- a teaching from the Bees
8:20- a 7th Dimensional Recalibration for the Blood/Circulatory System with Lady Nada
8:45 – 2nd Wave of Galactic Sound Geometries
3. Avatar Ascending ~ Class 3 ~  July 11th
7:00 -Welcome and opening the Heart Portal to expand into higher self connection
7:20-  A Reflection from Ama’zjhi withMaster Serapis Bey- the elevated role of an Adept
7:40 – First  Initiation-  Sananda & Lady Nada – 22 min.
8:02- An Expansion Journey to the Central Sun – Alcyone
8:30- an 8th Dimensional Recalibration for the Nerves/Nervous System with Mother Mary
8:50-  3rd Wave of Galactic Sound Geometries
4. Avatar Ascending – Class 4~ July 25th
7:00 -Welcome and opening the Heart Portal to expand into higher self connection
7:20- First Core teaching- Reaping The Blessings of  Higher Consciousness
7:50- Second Initiation- Isis and Ptah- 22 min
8:12- an expansion Journey Sirius – 33 min
8:45- A 9th dimensiona; recalibration  for the the Organs with Venus Kumara
5. Avatar Ascending~ Class 5 ~ ONE WEEK LATER on August 1st
7:00 -Welcome and opening the Heart Portal to expand into higher self connection
7:20-  First Core Teaching – Holding the Flame for Others- 40 min.
8:00- Third Initiation – Buddha & Tara- 33 min.
8:33- A 10th dimensional Recalibration for the Brain and Spine – 22 min.
A “Graduation Blessing” – from Galactic federation

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