Avatars on the Ascension Path

“Let me just say that these classes were by far, the MOST amazing journey that myself, my Higher Self, all my Guides, Angels and bodies could have experienced in this time of awakening and ascending. Ama’zjhi led us in each class through the deep reflections by Ascended Masters, dispensations and unbelievable glyphs, and gifts that were bestowed upon us from Them and the Higher Realms. Can you imagine an initiation from Sanada and Lady Nada? Being on the steps of a Golden Pyramid while Mother Isis and Ptah give you a Blessing? Holding your Soul Contract Book and seeing the Beauty of it all?? This is just a tiny glimpse of the latest classes, but all together were LIFE CHANGING! 💜😍 Thank you deeply Ama’zjhi and all the Angels, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters for opening this up to me. Deeply Grateful.”   Maggie Eomurian, Las Vegas, NV

“The Avatar Series is truly a gift from the Enlightened Realms of New Earth Teachings. Through the experienced teacher/healer Ama’ Zjhi, you are held in her vast loving embrace allowing you to receive deep energetic shifts, greatly expanding your consciousness. Each session offers new initiations assisting your spiritual growth through her gift of deep vibrational sound and channeled teachings. After each session my whole body would experience vibrations pulsing through my cells, organs and entire energetic field, which at times would last for several days. As my consciousness expanded through this series I have witnessed an acceleration of the manifestation of my intentions in my every day. Often instantaneous! This series is truly a gift for your Soul. ” Janet O’Shea, New York ,    Spiritual Psychotherapist/Healer

Avatar comes from a sanskrit word Avatara- Ava=  descent or Tar = to cross  .. Spirit into form , deity into human experience. A manifestation of a deity or released Soul in bodily from on earth:                       an incarnate divine Teacher.

The Enlightened Ones told me the name of the Series. it would be Avatar Awakening , then Avatar Anchoring and lastly Avatar Ascending and each class would be exactly 2 hours long… As with all of the work , classes, retreats we offer, the template is given  through a process of higher self connection to receive the guidance,  and step by step instructions down to the minute, from those who we call our higher Council or guides. They are very explicit, direct, humorous and lovingly offer their wisdom and guidance.   At this point our personality knows well enough to go along with the program for the Higher Self Knows if we just show up and enter into the Mystery of it all, it will most definitely, perfectly, divinely unfold. We are still joyfully amazed, each time we do a class or workshop, for it always exceeds what we imagine.  The profound gifts offered from the enlightened realms that we receive are beyond what the limited mind can comprehend. We are talking Archangels and Beings of immense illumination and enlightenment, here ! It doesn’t get better than this from our humble spiritual perspective! It takes an extremely devoted being to dedicate the time to such an endeavor called Avatar Awakening and many from the first class were not ready to devote themselves to Avatar Anchoring which was essential to embody all the awakening from the first 8 classes. Avatar Ascending consisted of the last 5 classes and 20% of the original 35 made it through the whole series.  The gifting, initiations and Sound code recalibrations though the Body were literally out of this world and deeply supported the manifestation of embodied change.

8/1/17 – we finished the 17 class webinar/conferencecall AVATAR series that began 1/17/17 !! Beyond anything I could have imagined 💖 We have been channeling the Archangels and Enlightened Ascended Masters for 17 years but since we have become a Graduate Mentor of The Divine University, (www.thesiriuslibrary.com) a deep, wide expansion has taken place. We truly understand what New Education is !! It is not Ancient Wisdom from our Ancestors but rather NEW Wisdom from the higher dimensions. The realms of Archangels and Christ and Buddha and Mary and Saint Germaine and Isis and Tara and BEYOND the Beyond through the Galaxy and universe … I am humbled by the magnificence of it all,  in awe and so very proud to be a Divine Voice Channel, a Celestial Sound Alchemist,  a Sacred Geometrist, if you will.   If you listened , you would understand ; )  As the vibrations within our body rise we are able to stream languages of light and sacred sounds that seem to erupt from our body vessel instrument. To say it is unusual is gracious, more accurately, it is fascinating. Not just for the listening ear, but for the Soul, for it supports the building of the Body of light and the crystalline Human form. And consequently,  it frees the mental mind and activates the higher knowing. It is advantageous for all involved!

And if you missed it, or you are ready for part 2, and then 3, we have it all recorded for anyone who wishes to receive this amazing series from the Masters and the Many streams of our Higher Selves as a Home Study Experience. From the crystalline caverns within the Earth with Mother Gaia,  on to the highways of light through the galaxies, we shape shifted into so many streams  of our higher selves, channeled many Masters of light, allowing the vibrational medicine to uplift and return us onto the rightful path of awakening, anchoring and ascending  the Avatar within. This path of Ascension as High Initiate and teacher that we have been walking for 30 years,  supports and guides us  to move out of the limitations of the 3D world and into the Multi-dimensional experience we were meant to live, with light and love as our guide and utilizing the co-creator power from within to be in alignment with Source.

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