Building the Body Temple of LOVE

As a Celestial Sound Creatrix and Ambassador to the Celestial Planes, we guide you into the higher realms of Spirit transmitting divine frequencies of color, sound and intuitive songs that flow through from many spirit healers, Archangels and aspects of the Divine, as a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth to awaken the seeds of knowing that live within you.
As a Divine Mother Channel in her many forms and emanations, We are a keeper of the Ruby Flame and transmit the Gem and Diamond frequencies of Love and Unity, bringing into balance the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine Self so that ONENESS may be experienced and embodied.

All of our offerings support the return to Embodied self Love and devotion.

“Oh, Mother Nile, Lifeblood of Ancient Mysteries coursing through my veins,
you activate the grand remembering of universal truths.
We have forgotten our crowns, our robes of glory and the banquet
that has always been ours to delight in. The cup is before us and it is time to drink once morethe holy nectar, the Mothers’ Amrita, the elixir that will bring us back to life. Rebirth is our gift;
Won’t you open the door to allow the appointed hour to arrive? With open hands and open heart, we receive the new day, the breath of creation upon our lips. Inhale the sweetness with open eyes
to hold the vision of the new world begging to be born!
We shall be the lovers, the midwives, the essence and the breath,
coming together in the rising of tides, in the rounding of the moon!
The Temple doors have always been opened the sacred land in resonance with our hearts dreaming. Let us fly past boundaries of mis-creations
and the through the gates of sound and light.
Saying Yes in our bones to the elevation that we have been waiting for.”

Why are we here ? To RE- Member , to become a member Once again, a part of the ONE HU/spirit/ MAN family …let’s gather , let’s COM mune 2 gether as ONE tribe . Will YOU sit in circle with us and Pray to open up a portal of LOVE and drink Cacao and sing chants , honoring the sacred and divine, bridging the earth and sun , igniting the holy potential within your own OM being ? Will you receive the gifts from the realms of Angels to expand your body of love and light ? Then , we can dance and Allow the integration of the higher energies to he embodied 💖 This is how we can raise our vibration . This is how we can rise in love 💜💖
5 D consciousness transcends FEAR. 5 D consciousness is the consciousness of love, Oneness , unity and peace . Ignite the 3 fold flame of your own divinity which is the gateway to higher consciousness . Accept that you are designed to awaken your divine , holy , angelic , Christ, Buddha , authentic nature 💖Then claim it ! Own it…..”Each one of US are like a flower raising itSELF up to catch the light of the sunSTAR, with roots dug in deep to drink the nutrients of the EARTH. Within us lies all of this potential . It is up to each individual to cultivate this enormous potential … the probability , the possibility is right HERE for the taking and the making it into a REALITY…self realization into the realized SELF can be REALITY when like the LOTUS we dig our energetic roots deep into GAIA to ground the BODY Temple and with HEART wide open , WE drink in the LIGHT of the UNI VERSE , the ONE SOUND , ONE SONG to UNIFY OUR SELVES , activating the light, love and Creation Power within for The FULL BLOOMING , so that we May be The ONES we Have Waited For …. it is Crystal Clear that the TIME IS HERE and LOVE will OPEN up the DOOR …. Now , THY WILL be Done, For WE ARE ONE , ONE , ONE.” dhl.

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