Burial Ceremony of Conscious Creation

It sounds oxymoronic to be burying something while in a conscious act of creating, but this particular ceremony for our being was like no other ~

We have facilitated many many ceremonies including marriage, birth, blessing ways, funerals, memorials, healing, sacred ceremonies of renewal, Sacred Cacao Chant ceremonies, High Priestess water ceremonies, Celestial Stargate opening ceremonies….. but this one was different.

The lesson we were learning is how does One let go, after decades of partnership and a life built with love.  Love as we know can take on many forms, but authenticity and being true to oneself is always the direct way to coming home to the SELF.  And in both of our cases, we knew it wasn’t really working anymore,the hope that it would turn around was dwindling as there was no more unadulterated Joy, no more interest, but rather resentment, depression, withholding of love and other acts of  separation…. of course we could keep on keeping on, and stay in the mundane loop of comfort, but the premise of our ‘life as a ceremony’ says that one must choose love and truth, and be aligned to authenticity.  We were being complacent. The brave One stepped forward to initiate the change….It was no One’s fault, though Guilt, blame and shame did enter in…and everyday for weeks, regret hung over our home. We sat for hours with each other processing, at times, more than we should have, for we would feel beaten by the sadness, grief and guilt………..and then, in a few weeks, Jealousy would enter in and take up residence.  This was something that we had never truly met ever before and it punched us in the gut and proceeded to attach like a leech sucking the life force out of our heart.  What does One do with Jealousy???

Blessed is the life we walk, and 1 week prior to our shamanic burial ceremony we had the gift of listening to Ram Das speak, live streamed to all who were gathered at Omega Institute for Ecstatic Chant weekend.  There he was bright and shining larger than life, his face projected onto a screen saying to us all, “And then there’s jealousy, what does One do with jealousy? ..( a long pause), and in a very animated way , he says, “YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM !!”.

We laughed so hard, for we were expecting a long verbose answer. Instead, his words hit the nail on the head !!  To eat the jealousy! To devour what was eating us, was indeed a valuable and viable solution.

As Divine orchestration and timing would have it, an intimate retreat had been orchestrated just 7 days later. We were guided and instructed with the support of our teacher, on what would serve our Being best, at this particular junction….. we were 17 weeks into a separation from a 38 year relationship….Our struggle was real !  We were invited to create a Burial ceremony to honor our previous life, the one in romantic partnership, for we were attempting to birth a new one of friendship in sacred relationship in a new way…a rebirth of a relationship, instead of “death of a marriage”.

How does One truly shift and transform the experience of percieved loss and failure? The physical body was in fight or flight, and the nervous system was in panic.  The emotional body was deeply grieving and disoriented from the flood of unexpected emotions. The Mental mind was replaying every story and every experience of what could have been, what wasn’t , what should have been underneath the shadow of guilt and regret. The energy body, so attuned to feeling with great sensitivity was experiencing this well of intensity and the energy of others who had entered the territory of what was once HERS.  The Pain and suffering was full on and there was nothing SHE could do but SURRENDER and RELEASE as every small gesture and movement of change was expressed.   We called in our Spiritual family, healers and allies, sistars and brothers and fortunately we had enormous support….. but no one but you, can walk your walk of healing and transformation.   She had to remember that all that was occurring was aligned to a sacred contract they had together to liberate each other once they raised their children.

This is where the part of Conscious Creation comes in…. the ceremony was a conscious act, an offering of love to the Mother Earth, a love capsule of sorts to house the sacred objects that represent and honor the relationship. This offering was given, fully engaged with divine will, a conscious choice to give away and offer up these meaningful objects that were symbolic of the meaningful life together. This act shifted us from our limiting belief that we were losing something, and that we were being rejected and replaced, to a deeply profound ritual of reclamation, empowerment and return to beauty.  This included calling in the ancestors, elders of the sacred hoop, the guardians of the land and Mother Gaia, Spirit of the Earth, the enlightened Masters, especially Lady Isis and Mother Tara who were guiding us, many Archangels and the Violet Alchemy® Councils of Light to bring in the healing for all women in the community and our daughters who had ever experienced getting stuck in the grief of a break up or loss of a Beloved, transmuting the beliefs of shame, unworthiness, being unloveable and replaceable.  Within the ceremony we had chosen one Sistar to be our witness and support us by holding us in sacred space. This gracious act on her part, was profoundly intimate and healing for us to be witnessed in our most vulnerable and  courageous stance. Being held by the many Mothers of creation and the Sisterhood of Light, We allowed  ourself to shape shift into the many dimensions to devour the disharmony and pain with our languages of light and the power of Sound… we connected into the Creation lines within the earth to imprint a new way, a sacred relationship way of loving without condition, allowing the unfolding, and the change from death to rebirth.

We called in Archangel Michael and the Sword of Truth to cut all energetic cords between our chakras except for the Heart so we could disconnect our energy sexually and not feel the third party.  As a highly sensitive, intuitive being, it can be intensely painful and disturbing to feel the infiltration of another’s energy whilst experiencing the withdrawal of what you know as the energetic braided connection of you and your partner.  This was such a conscious act of liberation and freedom and necessary for our sovereignty and emancipation from suffering. We are so deeply grateful for the gift of this ritual and hope to share it with others.  We say we hold no blame toward anyone, for the alchemical Violet fires of forgiveness burn deeply within our being and we have learned to walk our walk.

We blessed all our our sacred objects with Holy water that we co created with our Sistars, and said so many prayers of gratitude for his love and all that we created and honored our life together as a couple in our words of reflection. By honoring all that was created during that time span, in a sacred ceremony of gratitude and letting go we could then allow the seeding of new dreams and visions of what is to come.

We had spent time the night prior setting intentions and writing down 13 creations that we were calling in and anchoring through the fields of Creation. We aligned every particle, atom and molecule of our being to this ceremony. And we are so happy to report that here we are 4 days later and feeling expanded and strong in this new paradigm of unconditional love and acceptance with our partner and holding the vision for his happiness and our own.  We realize there may be times of adjusting and stretching, but it is our intention for our actions to be loving and honoring of what both parties want to create. We have set the intention to do a ceremony together of gratitude and honor, on our wedding anniversary date in 6 weeks, so that we may rebirth our relationship back to sacredness and friendship and family and shift this wedding date to a “Family Day”. We do this for ourselves and for our children. As we birth this new template in our family lineages we hopefully can change the way future generations will move through separation and breakups and perceived loss.

Opening our heart to allow the flow of love back in to engage in a greater movement of giving and receiving, is the best medicine we could give ourself. For truly is was more painful to withhold the love that we have for each other.  Love is our natural state of being.  In this place of love we are deliberately and intentionally seeding a new dream that is in alignment with the true nature of Our Being.  To be in divine Flow of One’s path and Mission is the greatest gift of coming home to our true nature or what we call the greater SELF.

We have a profound love for Ceremony and truly know the power of it. If you are needing support with this, let us know and perhaps we can create a ceremony for you or a group to shift the consciousness needed to experience the liberation that is desired.


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