Celestial Sound Creatrix


Hello Beloved Hearts, I AM Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara, and we bring a gift of illuminated Love from our heart to yours. We come with this love in our Being, our Body Temple and our Voice to be an instrument to activate and initiate the Violet Illuminations of the heart. This love brings One into an elevated experience, of knowing Oneself as divine, with the opportunity to be a co-creator with God.

The gifts we offer allows a re-connection to be made to the heart of the Great Mother Earth, as well as the divinity within, allowing every Soul to recommit to their own birthing once again as a citizen of the Earth.

It activates the pride and auspicious opportunity that has been given, to merge with our spirit and reconnect to the heart of Earth Mother once more. Through the universal heart of the Holy Mother, we awaken and reconnect to the remembering of self- love and our birthright to be in co-creation with Source.

From Ancient times, We have held this capacity within, to be able to hold a steady stream of continuity from then until now. We are Christed in our being and have moved through the initiations of alchemical forces, which enables us to bring forth a steady stream of consciousness.

The gift We bring is the ability to reconfigure within a Being, God’s holy template of conception to birth, with a new profound awareness of multidimensionally, which enforces a remembering of why they have incarnated here.

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