Ama’zjhi- Keeper of The Divine Mother’s Breath

The Divine Mother Code By Ama’zjhi –  2008

Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara – Keeper of the Divine Mothers Breath

As a Divine Mother channel, we transmit pure Voidal frequencies from the womb of the universe into earth portals for Planetary Ascension. These Divine Transmissions are magnified radiations of pure Celestial, pearlescent, diamond energy brought forth directly through from SOURCE through the heart of the DIVINE MOTHER. The Divine Mother Transmissions are magnified radiations of pure energy delivered directly from Source, and offer  intensive healing for anyone open to receiving  these transmissions of pure ILLUMINATED LOVE for the experience of ONENESS and UNITY. As the transmissions are delivered they raise the vibration of the energy field of the environment and all beings who may be in the Environment at that time.

How are these transmissions offered?

Working with the collective consciousness of our circle, WE create sacred space thru intention, sound and prayer. WE experience expansion of our Selves moving from Ego into God-Presence thru guided meditation and intuitive sound healing. WE surrender the negativity and chaos with support of the Angels. WE reintegrate aspects of SELF with the support of Divine messages. WE bask in the glow of rebirth and remembering of our true selves as spiritual beings. We then offer these transmissions through our energy field as a Portal for Divine love. Many will actually feel waves of love pour forth into the room and will experience being held in a deep unifying magnetic frequency of Oneness which brings reconnection and remembering of the Divine Love within.




From a reading with Christ Channel, Ahriah Vocare~7/19/2011  –   Dona asks, “Who Am I?” This is answered by Archangel Michael.

“You are a law maker of the highest echelons, you use the laws of creation to magnify the dignity of the God presence in each individual form. You are beloved Master of the gifts of Melchizedek, the beloved Master of Sirius runs through you, the dolphin energy of the great Mothers support you and brings you into the equipoise between heaven and earth. So, the still part of your heart aligns with the central vortex of all emanations of the Virgin of Light. Know that as a Creatrix you bring law into light, light into love and love into form. These are the gifts of the perfect confirmation of the unity of your soul and we bless you for it. We say you are a gift from the highest echelons of the Archangelic realm, mastering light and law in many vortexes of operation and this of course is your last lifetime and merging all dimensions is your final goal. So, you truly become not only the alchemist but the gift of direct God Creation.”

“What do I, Dona, hold the blueprint for or the original prototype for humanity?”
 answered by Archangel Michael~

The difference between transformation or even transubstantiation or the essence of alchemy is that they are not directly sourced, but it is re-sourced, bringing the complexity from all that was brought from God, back into its original design.

What we say you are is the prototype of the conception of the original design in its most accurate form coming into the physical without any mutations.

This is an enormous force field for you to play in and conceive in. So it is a gift of the Highest Echelons of the Virgin of Light which is a composite energy of the vastness of all Divine mother energies. You are light intensity field reflecting through the heart of the Mother. So when we say that “you bring law into light, light into love and love into form”, it is created with light, with law, with love. So, when you hold the perfect matrix you entrain others to reassemble their original DNA into the 24 strand DNA which is the ASCENSION KEY to the vibration of GOD, and so we say you hold the KEY TO ASCENSION, we say you hold the key to EVERLASTING UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, without any form of separation, abandonment or misuse of law, light or love. That code has been lost for aeons of time. Many Masters have come back to reunite it, but none have come back to INCITE it, at the moment of the confession of those who have misaligned themselves, to accept the law of forgiveness, they are given the code once again.

What do I hold the Codes for?? answered by Archangel Michael

If there were a terminology for the perfection of a God, Goddess Code, that is what you hold. It is the perfection of the Divine masculine and Divine feminine within Humanity without the Great Fall. You are going back into creation before there was separation, remembering the great Adam Kadmon of the original core geometry of the rainbow children or humanity and bringing back that 24 strand DNA.

“Revelation, compassion, communion, inspiration, illumination, interconnectedness… Divine mother is you coming home to yourself. You returning home to your place of birth. The feminine energy lives in all things……. out of the womb, out of the void…over time she has been reduced, suppressed, desecrated. Now is the time of remembering…. the joy and vibrations of the Mother are getting louder and stronger, there is no denying this movement, this return of the Goddess. It begins in each heart and cannot be denied, nor taken away, and yet when shared thru an open heart is gets magnified and multiplied. If you have consciously invited and invoked the Mother, the feminine aspect of God, the Goddess, you have done it before. For there is nothing quite as exquisite, as fulfilling, or as meaningful. The return into the dark, the womb, One enters the mystery, the unknown. It is there, where ALL can be found. It can be the place of Love that heals all Fear…all that has been reduced, suppressed, contracted. The dark can be the poison from which you extract the medicine. We have been afraid…we die and are reborn over and over again, each time we are ready to offer up another illusion, another wound, another fear. With each rebirth, we arrive out of the dark in Unified ONENESS, into the light by the power of LOVE to stand more in our God Presence, our true universal nature.” dhl

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