Family Illuminations

“I have always had a goal of a spiritually intune family, that supports one another. It has been exciting and reassuring working with Dona Ama’zjhi after just having my first child. We have been able to iron out some unforeseen kinks, and I can feel the difference between my bond with my baby and my new family as a whole. Her work is a blessing.” – Stephanie D.

Violet Alchemy® Healing, Cleansing & Empowerment is highly beneficial for all family members. Souls agree to support each other in their evolution and at times this means dynamics that can be challenging and difficult for family members to navigate. With “Family Illumination Sessions” we can begin to understand these dynamics and the contracts that each soul may have agreed to on a Soul level.  At times contracts are created by the personalities and these do not necessarily serve the higher good of each soul, but rather were created out of fear, or need for control by a member of the family.  At times these contracts are agreed to unconsciously, but do indeed create a dysfunctional dynamic between the members of a family.  This can go beyond the family nucleus and include other Souls who become entwined within the family dynamic.

Family members usually agree to mirror to each other their deepest Karmic wounds and unresolved psychological issues. We share that these agreements are made prior to incarnating and with this, there is also the agreement to forget that the agreements were made.  Our most difficult challenging relationships can be the relationships that call to us to our greatest growth if we choose to be self responsible and are willing to look within for the shifts and changes that the heart longs for.  The choice to see the other as a refection to that which is unhealed within creates the opening for self responsible action of the making of amends and the offering of forgiveness. We also share that on a Soul level we choose our parents. Many who have difficult relationships with their parents and siblings can not understand why they are so deeply challenged with their family and hold deep grief, and at times trauma from these relationships. With a “Family Session”, these heavy burdens within the heart can be lifted when there is a deeper understanding of the Questions, “why” and Forgiveness is granted through the alchemical power of Violet Flame.

These Illumination sessions are given as a series, the first session is for a cleansing of the Home, the second session is for the cleansing of all lower vibrational attachments that dampen th energy field and promotes fear, anger, blame, shame and control.  Then one session for each member of the family looking at the Karmic wounds and agreements and contracts that are in place within the family. Even if a member of the family has transition they can still be called into these healing sessions.

When there is a deep desire for Healing within a family , there is often an alignment to receiving the support needed to create liberation from the cycles of suffering. These Illumination family session can offer the greatest of support.

We are happy to support anyone with cleansing and healing. What we will share with you, in case you have not ever done Energy healing, is that healing promotes deep release of blockages and energies that are layered within the emotional, mental and soul body that can and will affect the physical. We work with clients for long term care and we support these ones every month as Mentor, Spiritual Counselor & Master healer .
There are those that work with intermittently who come when they are wishing for support regarding something specific and then there are those we work with for a short period of time to get them back on track. Depending on what the intention is for your Family member, may determine how often you wish to see me. Our session are very deep and we do not see people weekly, unless there is a crisis happening. At times we recommend a series of 6 sessions, for then we can go deep into One’s psychology and One’s past life karma to lighten the Burdens and allow One to redirect their life.  One session will bring some relief, and for some this is just what is needed to redirect, for they are very self aware and practicing Self responsibility. We would all need to commit to a series in order to break cycles and create enough of an internal shift within the client to create and allow behavioral change if this is what you are intending.
(( for example, Some come to see me a few times a year and they are quite clear when they need an energetic upgrade for their state of well- being…. when we work with teens and young adults we notice they are quick to shift if they have continuity and the education about why they feel they way they feel … the family member would be greatly supported if they are wanting support as well…. if they are unwilling to come or engage , there is still support available for them because they are under your care.
We Suggest  we start with one session and see how it is for All involved…. please know that ONE may not NEED 6 six sessions but we say they would greatly benefit from the series. For healing happens in layers.
Our rates are $150 an hour but the first session we require a longer session which would be a 90 minute session which is $200~
if you commit to a series by paying up front (check , CC, paypal or cash )we give the package rate of $888 instead of $950.

of course you may just choose to have just One session too ; )


  1. Cleansing  of the home if members live together – $200-$400 depending on history and size of Residence. ( $200- up to 2000 square feet.)
  2. Cleansing for Each member & Violet Alchemy® Illumination session for each member – $220 per person – 1hr and 40 minutes.
  3. Additional VA® sessions for any member to focus on additional themes that are personal to that member – $150 hr, $175hr +15 minutes, $200 1.5 hr.
  4. A series of 6 sessions  for ONE family member may be purchased for $888 instead of $950. This is one 90 minute initial session plus 5 one hour sessions. These sessions may include healing themes between their soul and other family members.


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