House and Land Cleansing

“Working with Dona Ama’zjhi has been such a transformational experience, it is hard to put into words. I have been working with her for the past few years and she has helped me immensely in being able to work with some very deep seeded issues. We recently moved to a new house and the entire family was experiencing hardship, anger and complete chaos. Dona came in and helped to transmute, heal, repair and empower the energies in my home as well as the residue on my kids. My youngest daughter, 4, told me she had been seeing beings in the mirror, the house was haunted and was behaving oddly and completely out of control, which she attributed to her “evil twin”.  Dona cleared the house and the energies from my daughter and within the span of 30 minutes after the transmission, my daughter asked why we had killed her “evil twin”? Within the next few hours, she had done a complete 180 in her behavior and her entire way of being, and after several weeks she is now back to her “old” self and we could not be happier with the transformation. Even my husband, who is skeptical at best with this type of work admits it is turning him into a believer. The changes we have experienced from working with Dona Ama’zjhi have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you for being such an amazing gift to humanity. “ Kim Beckers– The ‘Rock Your Limits™’ Mentor

House and Land Cleansing and Space Consecration~anchoring divine frequencies and geometries of light into your Sacred Space or Home~

Let us share the importance of house and Land Cleansing~
Just like your Physical Body, your Living space, whether it be a studio Apartment or a 4000 square foot Home, holds vibrations. If we consider what kinds of dissonant, negative, heavy and stagnant energies may have been experienced or played out in One’s space we can clearly see how important it would be to transmute and cleanse your sacred Space. Smudging with sage, incense or holy water is a beautiful ritual of keeping a space clear , but we believe that it does not hold the power to truly move energies of negativity, disempowerment, destruction and trauma.

This is important for many reasons such as:
1. chronic illness
2. divorce or break up or infidelity
3. mental illness or depression or anxiety
4. accident or trauma
5. violence or abuse
6. addictions
7. alcoholism
8. Moving into a new home space
9. moving into a dorm room or group residential home.
10. moving into a new work space
11. Buying/Selling a new home or Building


To be assured that you are living or working in a clear sacred space, we offer the cleansing of all negative energies that may be lingering from past residents, occupants,that may include family history and dysfunctions or even Corporate infrastructures of imbalance of power, singularity and deception. It is amazing what is held as memory in a space and how it can continue to influence those who reside within the space and even the next group of occupants.

How is this done?
We work with a team of Archangels and Enlightened Masters to transmute all themes of misalignment, fears, templates, imprints and impressions that are lingering within a space, home or land from the collective History of that space. We then, through sound and light geometries, re-pattern and re- install higher vibrations of divine Light and Love. The blessings are woven through each room, window, door and filled with Divine Colored light transmissions form the Higher realms.
If appropriate, we offer to consecrate through the Auspices of the Archangels any Space deemed for purposes of Ceremony or Higher purposes of Healing. Ultimately we raise the Light, love and Creativity Quotient, to be at its highest and optimum for the Home or Building or Land.
All this is done from our temple space, long distance, under the Direction, Guidance and Protection of Archangel Michael.
We do not physically come to your home space or land unless specifically guided to by Archangel Michael.

Violet Alchemy®Cleansing has the power to transmute lower negative vibrational attachments and energies that are polarized out of love and light, that resonate with fear. In 2011, it was conceived and birthed over 2 years and continues to evolve through the present 2017.

We highly urge the cleansing of these types of residential spaces, such as Rehab. hospital, dormitory where there is high turnover of occupants that are living under stressful situations where there is tendency for anxiousness, change, physical, emotional and mental stress or duress.

We have experience with small and large businesses, Dorm rooms, Residential Homes, Newly purchased homes with previous generational History, Old Homes with Land history. Native American, Civil War etc.

Please call/text for estimate 845-527-7564

 Violet Alchemy® Cleansing & Empowerment to raise the Light/love/Creation Quotient within the space or on the land and 15-minute review

CLEANSING –  House or Business – Base Rates- $220 for a space up to 2000 square feet. , $440- 4000 sq. ft.,  $660- 6000 sq.ft

Studio Apartments-$150-$175

Dormitory Room or Single Residential Housing Room – $150

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