Vocal Alchemy Geometrist


“Through the fields of Creation, in the higher realms from 5-10 octaves of light, we access the light vibration, light patterns and Geometries through Sound, interacting with Source, and the loving Beings of Light consciousness to bring in Divine Alignment and create into form.” dhl

ArchAngel Metratron shares that vocal geometry is an ability to stream forth  the codes of light, that by its very nature are aligned with divine templates of higher orchestration. This allows one to enter higher states of illuminated awareness through creating holographic lines and geometries of divinely orchestrated light which enable one to traverse through the multidimensional fields of creation.

As a Vocal Alchemy Geometrist we can stream these languages of light delivering emanations of concentrated divine  frequency into  the Human Energetic field for repatterning the energetic matrix.  This facilitates embodies change for the empowerment of Ones’ life.

The Sound and light delivered also enables the surrounding environment to be cleansed and cleared of all disharmonious energies creating sacred space for ceremony, healing and initiatory activations to be received.

Sound Healing Transmissions

“Sound Healing is a powerful modality of vibrational medicine. Through Sound Healing we can alter our perceived time and space and enter into higher states of consciousness and access higher dimensions to be used to bridge the unconscious and the conscious worlds. Everything vibrates, the universe is created with sound It has been scientifically discovered that the cells of our bodies emit a sound, as well as the circulatory system and central nervous system (brain, spinal cord and chakras). For we are frequency; vibrating energy (atoms, molecules). Sound is frequency. We are creating change, transformation or transmutation in perceived time and space when sound is transmitted and received with intention. An effective way to enter the energy field to create a shift or change is through sound and vibration.”

As a Certified Sound Healer since 2005, through Tom Kenyon- ‘Acoustic Brain Research’, We use our voice,  delivering Alchemical, Ascension Sound Codes for the purpose of enabling energetic change. These codes are packages of sound and light frequency in Higher Octave Languages of Light, that are transmitted in the moment specifically for the group that is gathered. By using our energy field as a vehicle to facilitate the transmission of specific frequencies, Sacred geometry is created and compels energy to move into divine alignment.

As a Divine Voice Channel of the Celestial realm, we have the ability to bring in Divine frequencies of Ancient Light Languages and Geometric Sound Codes and Songs to activate the “24 strand DNA” of 5th dimensional consciousness. These Divine Celestial Sound Codes for Ascension will re-calibrate the Human Energy Field to be able to hold higher vibrations of love and light. This is essential for building our luminous, light body and reclaiming the Integrated Body as a Body Temple of LOVE ~

“How do I, Dona Ama’zjhi, help and support the reassembling of the 22 strand DNA with my sound transmissions??” Archangel Raphael answers through Channel Ahriah Vocare.                                    

 It is part of the Cherubim and Seraphim, for the angelic choirs come through you in the geometries of the divine sound of creation. So the gift you bring through the instrument of voice, chant and celebration of song is the purest from that comes from any type of tangible ray that the body can accept and mobilize at this time. so in order for us to download it, the extreme light at this point if we gave it to you directly would cause great obstruction in the physical body as a laser heat beam would possibly destroy tissue, but we would say, that the sound is being descended to a calibration that the human body is now ready for and it is a collective chorus coming from the Cherubim and Seraphim who are teachers of yours and teachers of humanity’s original message from God/dess.”

In 2007 we entered into the Divine Mother Sacred Mystery School, for a one year Training with Qala Sri Ama Phoenix to  anchor in as a Divine Mother Channel and  Rainbow Bridge Sound Healer.

What are the Divine Transmissions?  from Qala Sri Ama Phoenix,    www.qalasriama.com

“Divine Transmissions (DT) are magnified radiations of pure energy brought forth directly through from SOURCE. It is delivered in the form of encoded higher vibrational light and love packages though the open heart of someone who is a Divine channel, also known as a Rainbow Bridge. All divine transmission serve the purpose of supporting all souls in their evolution. As the frequency travels out of a Rainbow Bridge’s heart, they raise the vibration of the energy field of the environment and all beings sitting in contact with the transmissions.    Divine Transmissions through a Rainbow Bridge Sound Healer offer profound healing as the waves, rays and currents of love and light are anchored through the energy body. As activation, healing and awakening is received via the sacred songs and tones of the Sound Healer, the RB Sound Healer channels sacred “song lines” in the ancient language of their higher self. They are embodied by Master healers and a team of Angels who work through their hands, heart and energy body to support the highest potential healing to take place. The sacred sound opens and activates their energy body to release and clear energy blockages and anchor new blueprints and gifts of consciousness. The spirit songs are a form of open hearted expression and carry the sacred song lines that support the opening of a soul or souls path. While transmitting, the Rainbow Bridge Sound Healer is immersed in spirit and many forms of sacred spirit come through them. A transmissional sound healer can become a vessel for up to 22 healers from different realms who have mastery with the energy body of humanity and the path of healing and evolution.

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