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Private sessions – can be done in person at our Violet Alchemy®Healing Temple Space in New Paltz, NY or received remotely from wherever you are located. We have many long-distance clients who we have  worked with over the phone or Skype for years.

SKYPE NAME- donaholightsey



~Our sessions have extended the range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance, suffering and traumas. Including, depression, anxiety, cancer, pre- and post op, suicidal tendencies, breakups, divorce, death and the dying, messages from passed loved ones, sexual abuse, victimization, fears, rage, inability to forgive, worthlessness, psychosis, clearing homes and environment, spirit communication, entities and psychic attack, lost souls and past lives.

~For the student who is ready for connect their Spiritual self and higher consciousness. Sessions can also encompass spiritual guidance, divine teachings, life coaching, messages from Spirit, Archangels and Enlightened Masters and Mothers, building the Body of light through channeled gifts of sound and color frequencies, Divine communion and transcendence. For more advanced teachings, our workshops and classes serve the seeker and initiate and healing facilitators.

 First time session-  $200 – 1.5 hr recommended 

$150- 60 minutes

$175- 75 minutes

$200- 90 minutes

Our first session 1.5 hrs- usually consists of cleansing your energy field of energies that have been attracted in and are detrimental or dis-empowering to you, and Empowerment through the transmissions of the & sacred flames. We then move onto Karmic healing and unresolved Psychology, Belief systems and patterns.

Sliding scale available if there be a true need. Payments are received prior to appointment time.





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