Violet Alchemy®Healing is a methodology of energy psychology capable of transforming one’s life, allowing the full integration of the multi-dimensional self to be achieved for the evolution of consciousness. Officially trademarked in 2010, Dona is now teaching this training certification to others as well as offering private and group sessions.

Violet Alchemy®Cleansing has the power to transmute lower negative vibrational attachments and energies that are polarized out of love and light, that resonate with fear. In 2011, it was conceived and birthed over 2 years and continues to evolve through the present 2016.

PRIVATE SESSIONS ~All sessions begin with an INTENTION.  We ask you ask yourself, “What is it that is creating an experience of discomfort, suffering or stagnation?”

~ We address your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Self as we facilitate the healing, cleansing and empowerments needed.

~ We identify the psychological and Karmic energetic wounds, patterns and beliefs through reading the chakras, layers of the Energy Body or the Matrix of your Soul.

~Through Vocal Alchemy, Divine Intervention and Karmic Absolution, we support the releasing of the energetic blocks, liberating you from karmic blueprinting that has held you in limiting patterns and we transmute, any dissonant or negative, fear based energies.

~We  rebuild and empower the Human Energy Field through transmissions of divine frequencies of love, light, sound and Divine guidance. We offer spiritual and psychological counseling and tools to create change.

~We offer direct channelled guidance and Sound Healing (intuitive singing and the use of channeled languages of light) through our voice, prayer and invocation. These frequencies of empowered light language transmissions, greatly accelerate the healing though creating sacred geometry with higher octaves of sound and light enabling divine alignment to be re- established.

( In Group Sessions we may use crystal bowls, tuning forks, frame drums, shakers  and the Gong.)

The release of Emotional and psychological burdens AND Karmic Absolution or the balancing of ones’ karma is truly a gateway for significant change. One can experience freedom, lightness, liberation and flow, by balancing and resolving the internal and external energies that are creating mental stagnation, emotional imbalance, physical suffering, spiritual disconnection, confusion and fear.

~Greater empowerment and change comes through awareness, clarity and understanding of ones’ own karma and the make-up of their soul, along with acceptance, recognition, surrender and forgiveness. With Divine assistance, deep healing and change is the result.

~The client is receptive, clothed and comfortably lying on a massage table.

~Your sessions may be recorded for future integration

 “Through the fields of Creation, in the higher realms from 5-10 octaves of light,  we access the light vibration, light patterns and Geometries through Sound, interacting with Source, and the    loving Beings of Light consciousness to bring in Divine Alignment and create into form”    ~ Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara

Private sessions – can be done in person at our Violet Alchemy®Healing Temple Space in New Paltz, NY or received remotely from wherever you are located. We have many long-distance clients who we have  worked with over the phone or Skype for years.

SKYPE NAME- donaholightsey



~Our sessions have extended the range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance, suffering and traumas. Including, depression, anxiety, cancer, pre- and post op, suicidal tendencies, breakups, divorce, death and the dying, messages from passed loved ones, sexual abuse, victimization, fears, rage, inability to forgive, worthlessness, psychosis, clearing homes and environment, spirit communication, entities and psychic attack, lost souls and past lives.

~Violet Alchemy® Empowerments are for the student/seeker who is ready to connect to their Spiritual self and higher consciousness. Sessions can also encompass spiritual guidance, divine teachings, life coaching, messages from Spirit, Archangels and Enlightened Masters and Mothers, building the Body of light through channeled gifts of sound and color frequencies, Divine communion and transcendence. For more advanced teachings, our workshops and classes serve the seeker and initiate and healing facilitators.

Our first session 1.5 hrs- usually consists of cleansing your energy field of energies that have been attracted in and are detrimental or dis-empowering to you, and Empowerment through the transmissions of the & sacred flames. We then move onto Karmic healing and unresolved Psychology, Belief systems and patterns.

Sliding scale available. Payments are received prior to appointment time.

House and Land Cleansing and Space Consecration~

Let us share the importance of house and Land Cleansing~
Just like your Physical Body, your Living space, whether it be a studio Apartment or a 4000 square foot Home, holds vibrations. If we consider what kinds of dissonant, negative, heavy and stagnant energies may have been experienced or played out in One’s space we can clearly see how important it would be to transmute and cleanse your sacred Space. Smudging with sage, incense or holy water is a beautiful ritual of keeping a space clear , but we believe that it does not hold the power to truly move energies of negativity, disempowerment, destruction and trauma.
This is important for many reasons such as:
1. chronic illness
2. divorce or break up or infidelity
3. mental illness or depression or anxiety
4. accident
5. trauma
6. addictions
7. alcoholism
8. Moving into a new home space
9. moving into a dorm room or group residential home.
10. moving into a new work space
11. Buying a new home or Building

To be assured that you are living or working in a clear sacred space, we offer the cleansing of all negative energies that may be lingering from past residents, occupants,that may include family history and dysfunctions or even Corporate infrastructures of imbalance of power, singularity and deception. It is amazing what is held as memory in a space and how it can continue to influence those who reside within the space and even the next group of occupants.