The Magdalen Initiations


The Magdalen Initiations for Men and Women- “Deeply experiential and profoundly beautiful”.

LADY NADA through Ama’zjhi ~

“Now is the time for the rising~ Daughters, Sons of the New earth, of ancient times, ready to gather to create a network, a web.  We cannot detain any longer, the threads that will be woven shall be stronger together, braided into our being, recrystallizing our re-embracing of solidarity and cohesiveness. The sound and vibration we shall create attunes as it permeates the unified field, creating a rippling affect for the inner and out cosmology of our being. We cannot linger, we wait no more!

For the Earth Mother is tuning her strings and she is ready to receive our song. We shall send it into her body, into the inner womb of her being, we shall support the conception, we shall nourish her body as the gestation takes place. Mother earths body like a round belly, pregnant with possibility awaiting a new birth. We shall not be taken away from her body and breasts, but instead we shall re insert the evolutionary umbilicus, to allow ourselves to be fed, nourished and tended to, as we grow taking refuge in her sweet body of healing, as we are fed her medicine, her waters and food.

Then we shall rise, one by ones, in two and three, in groups in unity we shall rise, in a new way. It will be a movement a spiraling, a wave, where everyone is held, where all are connected. Beyond singularity, beyond separation, safe to merge with the greater collective for this conglomeration speaks of holy vibration. Together we stand, ready to walk , ready to speak, ready to talk as a collective for the good of the whole. We walk hand in hand, we are delivered as whole, this is the way, this the time  to speak our truth, to speak our mind, so that we may arise and be free, not divided, but in unity…oh sisters oh brothers of the new dawn, I say  come meet me at dawn to greet the new day!!

The Magdalen initiations are given through a direct frequency upgrade, which in itself creates a magnified potential, to be actuated through the body temple matrix. This is through our lineage as a High Priestess of Isis/Magdalen on behalf of a collective where  The Ruby Temple doors open through 7 dimensions.  We will be held by The Magdalens… an order of ancient ones who walked the path of the Initiate. We will deliver messages from Ascended Master Mother Isis and from Lady Nada- she is the higher ascended presence of She who walked as Magdalen, the twin Flame of Yeshua/Jesus.

This is through an ancient order of Mystery School teachings where sacred geometry is created to allow us to lead all in a multi-dimensional experience, where we move through 7 octaves of light frequency to receive the Christ Flames for preparation, healing, expansion and activations for these Initiations.  The Initiations re-activate One’s potential to live in a consciousness of unity, peace, oneness and self-love.


THE MAGDALEN INITIATIONS~Activating the Divinity Within

“Through the looking glass you will find, it sometimes doesn’t match, what is in your mind. Away from the light is it hard to see, All the miracles that can be…..” Magdalen
Magdalen Initiations ~
This is a workshop or gatherings which call to THOSE who long for the Sacred, to 
 “those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.” These gatherings are birthed and created out of a collective desire or longing by those who are ready to answer the Call or invitation to reclaim and reawaken and ignite the God/dess within. This invitation is for the women and men who are fully ready to step fully onto a Sacred Path and ……

“Ignite the 22 strand DNA of Christ Consciousness
and the Holy Presence of the Shekinah/Sophia/Magdalen Christ/Tara Buddha within, for the reformation of a UNITED KINGDOM on this our MOTHER EARTH”

 Channeling Mother Isis, Lady Nada, & the Magdalens.  A Sacred Ceremony of RECLAMATION, RECONNECTION, RE-ALIGNMENT and RE- ACTIVATION for the CO- CREATOR within. We lead through Light Language and transmissions of Light and love frequency to move through dimensions/octaves of light. Channeling Messages of love and guiding you through Journeys of Divine Light.

If you have felt a resonance with YESHUA and Mary MAGDALEN, Pink Roses, Mother Mary, The Sistarhood of the Rays and Roses and Egyptian Priest/Priestesses, Cosmic Mothe ISIS, this is for you!!! If you have read the Magdalen Manuscript by Tom Kenyon or Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong this class is absolutely for you!!!

Violet Alchemy® Temple Home
44 South Ohioville rd, New Paltz, NY

Dona Ho Lightsey/ Ama’zjhi is a Celestial Sound Shaman, Vocal Alchemist, Divine Channel for the Enlightened Masters and Archangels. She is the Creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing, Cleansing and Empowerment, and Sacred Mystery School for VA® Dowsing Certification Training & The Shakti M Power Path.
A Mentor in the Divine University through
A IET Master since 2000, Certified SoundHealer for 11 years. JourneyDance™ Guide since 2009,

To YOU, who know truth, within your bones, that we must connect to rocks and stones, to each others heart whose rhythms beat, to be in sync with tribal feet.
The Air, the water, the fire, and earth, are the elements that give us birth, to that which has been hidden deep, within our hearts we wait to reap, the hidden gem of holy ness, of Sistarhood and blessedness.
We Now come to lift the veils, for with eyes to see, we shall prevail, with ears to hear the call, the cry, arising from our questions, “Why? have we not walked Ancestors’ path?” instead we’ve held the wounds of wrath,
Be now the time to raise the cup, the golden chalice shall lift us up, in deep connection to our Brow, to where we stand, emboldened now, regained in our remembering, “ Oh Sistars Gather! in song we sing, I am the light, the truth, the way !” We stand WE walk on this new day,
to know the I AM, the rose of love, I am the flight of the peaceful dove, under the full, ripe, Mother moon, WE rise up and none too soon, for the SHE awaits to dance with us, so we may in ourselves now trust,
that we can be sacred woman of SHE, reclaimed now in divinity!
2016 © Dona Ho Lightsey

Our day will be deeply immersed in the ways of the Ascension Path. I am a High Priestess holding keys to open the doors to the Temple Experience.
In 2004, we were given the Sacred Heart and initiation by Lady Nada/ Magdalen and Sananada/Jesus and was asked to gather the women to receive these initiations to ignite a holy remembering and support the reclamation of One’s Authentic Self. THESE INITIATIONS ARE NOW FOR WOMBMYN & MEN ~ We are guided to Invite 17 who have” the Eyes to see and ears to hear”. Do you hear he Call????
Our Day-
10:15 Doors open- greet, meet and settle in.
10:30 – Invitation Meditation with Lady Nada ( Twin Flame of Sananda/Yeshua)
11-12 Violet Alchemy ®Empowerments and for the Group accepatnce, Divine Worth, innocence, respect, sacredness.
12-1 Entering the Temple
1-2 lunch break- please bring your lunch /snack to share
2-3 The Magdalen Sisterhood Activation- Igniting the flames of Cosmic Love & Alchemical Sound Codes in languages of Light to Embrace the Sacred UNION within
3-3:15- Break
3:15-4:00 Mother Isis Channeling and Shakti Love Transmission
4:00-5:00- The Magdalen Initiations and GONG BATH

self-investment- $111 -call/text to register @ 845-527-7574 . we accept Paypal, Credit Card , Personal checks or cash.


“Ama’zjhi’s classes and workshops are amazing and her Magdalen initiations are truly beautiful. She brings in high frequency and advanced teachings. If you are really ready to expand your consciousness, treat yourself to anything that Ama’zjhi offers.” Barbara Stillwell, Sri Gaia.

The process of this unfolding, or should we say, the flowering of the Divine Feminine teachings, has been a 17 year walk of awakening. It was April 2000 that we had our first communion with Isis, She who is known as the Egyptian Mother. As these many Mothers of Love and Light revealed themselves, our awakening process accelerated with the countless experiences with the many beautiful women whom we circled with or had the honor of facilitating a healing for. There were so many experiences that we can not recall all the dates and faces, and so many times it was completely spontaneous.                Magdalen, Isis, Mary, Quan Yin, Tara, White Buffalo Calf Woman, would just announce themselves in the moment and guide us to the appropriate right action.  And so it began and continues to evolve… a deepening of the Great Work, we are delivering the Ascension Soundcodes for the 22 strands of DNA, from the many Star mothers through 22 dimensions. It is time…..the many “Magdalens” are ready to reclaim this aspect of themselves from times long ago and the “Sistarhood of the Rose” is rising with greater momentum.


Past workshops/Trainings

Magdalen Initiations- Full day Sacred Ceremony – January 2016, April 2016, July 2016, October 2016, January 2017, February 2017, April 29th 2017 , 

2017- Shakti M Power priestess Path begins 5.07.17- This format invites 17 women to join in circle .  May 7th, June 17th, July 29th, September 24th, November 18th- 10:30-12pm optional brunch, 12:30-4:45 Sistar Goddess Circle Time. These classes are open and you may join us for one or more.
2011 July~ I lead a weekend Goddess retreat at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck , NY . and I started a monthly gathering VioletAlchemy® Dowsing Graduates to work with the Galactic Mothers and the streams of the Goddess SHE who comes as ISIS, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen/Lady Nada, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Tara, Shakti, Gaia, Venus and the Divine Mother.

2011-Oct.- Jan. 2012 a series of 3 workshops “Igniting the Goddess within” sharing the Goddess wisdom and work with the local women of New Paltz and the Hudson Valley.

2012 – H.E.A.R.T ® Training w/ 14 Women at the Violet Alchemy®Temple~ Healing. Expansion. Alignment, Rebirth, Transformation. 2- 8week workshops were offered – Divine Gifts of Creation and Path of Ascension.

2013-Dec. 2014-Dec. = A one year Training- The New Magdalen Mystery School ~ The Knights of the Ruby Ray and the New World Priestesses, was conceived and birthed with 28 students.

2015-thru the present time–  Shakti Dance Temple This is a weekly workshop where you can come HOME to your AUTHENTIC SELF!! In a 75 minute guided session by Dona, we can come together to Enter an Alchemical Dance Temple experience, to harness the Shakti love within the Body Temple.

2016 – Shakti M Power Priestess Path-  this was a closed group of 10 women meeting once a months to enter into an Alchemical Mystery School to awaken and ignite and Empower ourselves through birthing the Shakti Body.


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