Shakti MPower Priestess Path

“I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Dona Ama’zjhi over the years.  The work has been the guiding and transforming energy of my life & passions.  This year has been the BEST year of my life thus far!  With all of the challenges and opportunities it offered, working with the Sacred Shakti Love Vibrations has been the most transforming.  The one blessing, that pours all blessings, into all other cups,  is Self-Love.  My heart has opened, and I have taken myself as my Lover & have been gifted deep Love with my Priestess Sistars.  With this, all other parts, and beings in my life have aligned.  My relationship, my work, my family… it all has been transformed by the Shakti ~ Thank you Ama’zhji!! ~ Alissa Lepska

“Shakti MPower- This is the path of Love. This serpent , SHE rises in full capacity , in full freedom to take her place to take up Space , her spine is long and straight as SHE reaches for the inner Sun , that light of Higher consciousness, that illuminating Source that feeds her hunger , rejuvenates and rectifies that which is not right . Elevation on this day! Elevation is HER play! So slender is HER tongue , delicate with precision to dance on the mouths of those waiting to be fed . This makes HER dance in delight to create this kind of stirring , this kind of rising of YES ! Ecstasy is her passionate pose, positioned to entice the reclamation of sacredness on this holy night , reclaimed within.” ~Ama’zjhi

We will be guided by our Divine Presence as Keeper of the Divine Mother’s Breath, The Divine Mother, Mother Isis, Ruby Tara, Shakti Ma, Vesta, Hator, Lady Nada, The Magdalens, and as a Sacred Ceremonialist.

This is a Series of 5 Day Getherings throught 2017…A Sacred Sistarhood Cacao Ceremonial day of Divine Feminine Communion activating the divinity within ~VA® Empowerments, Journeys with the Higher Councils in the Ruby Temple of Re-unification, Activations, sharing, Permission, Council Support. Dress to express the Goddess within. We join together at the Violet Alchemy Temple in New Paltz.

THIS IS OPEN FOR 12-18 Women ~ must reserve your space. Contact me at 845-527-7564

When? Class Dates for 2017-

Self LOVE Investment-
$60 drop in, or 5 classes at $50 = $250 pay up front for all 5 classes

MUST RESERVE SPACE with Payment. Paypal and CC also accepted.
Bring- Journal & pen, Water Bottle, Master Crystal (a larger crystal that holds the frequencies of pour time together) Scarf- silk or natural fibers best.

10:30-12:00pm -Optional Brunch Share, w/ Cacao Elixir – a much needed and welcomed time for Sistars to come together to share our love and Food and stories!!
12:00-12:15 Clean up / Late Arrivals
12:30-4:30 Sistar Goddess Time
4:45-Clean up and Closing

Shakti is a concentrated Love Force that heals, ignites and delivers a woman deeper into her Sacred Well of Being.
This is for the Woman who chooses to be deeply committed and devoted to being in a Sacred Sexual Spiritual relationship with herself talcum herself as a co-creator with Spirit, awakening and igniting The Body Temple.

This will include intimate heart connection where all veils must be lifted through the embrace and holding of each other to rebirth ourselves anew~ this will include being present in your sensual self, and working with the power of the breath in a very conscious, intentional way to activate the Kundalini and the serpent energies within you.
We will be letting go of limiting boundaries of self expression~ for it is necessary to be physically with each other and build emotional bonds of trust . We will enter the sacred, the sensual, and the spiritual to reclaim our sexual selves for the ascension of ourSELVES, and our Cells, embodied in our Temple of Love.

This is a an Invitation for the woman who is longing for a deeper connection to an ancient truth that lives deep within her Soul~ and the Power of Sisterhood.
We will re-activate the seeds of love and learn about our own innate flow of Shakti love and the power it holds for transformation and magnetics.

The Goddess Path, holds the space for the Evolution of one’s Soul. We will come together Sistars, Mothers, Daughters to re-create a Goddess Temple experience of healing and discovery through the reclamation of our Shakti Centers~ These are innate gifts of the Holy Love that resides within….
This is a transmissional and transformational journey as we enter into an alchemical experience…as you know, alchemy is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards far out weigh the discomfort and contraction, for liberation is on the other side. Dissolution of false beliefs and illusions is essential for the Awakened Woman of M power meant!!

As a Transmissional Sound Healer and divine voice Geometrist, we will deliver frequencies of Light and Love through the Voidal Portal of my being into an open channel between the core of Earth Mother and the Many Christ Dimensions and Buddha realms. The Light and Love languages will re-configure the energetic fields in order to create the sacred geometric space for alchemy. Ancient Prayers, Mantras and New Love Technologies from my Venusian Higher Self will be offered.

What will else might we be doing???? Entering the Mystery~ Goddess Teachings on The light and shadow of Power, Kundalini Breath exercises, Sounds of the Bees, Archangelic Empowerments, Massage, Singing, Channeled Messages and Activations, Anointing with Oils, Higher Visioning , Giving Full Permission, Group Connection, deep healing , high frequency Joy, Ancient Cacao Ceremony, Sharing our vulnerable self, Goddess Adornment……♥

“We had the extreme blessing of gathering over one year with Ruby Sistars – El SaiRa, Julie Robbins,, Fawn Denue, Medha Marnie McKnight Favell, Donna Brickwood, Molly Tweedy, Sue Krebs, Alissa Lepska, & Muneeza Ahmed to birth this body of Work.”

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