6.24.17 Cacao Ceremonies of Empowerment

7:30 pm -June 24th, 2017- Cacao Ceremony of Sanctified Love
@ The Living Seed Yoga Center 521 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561
Sacred Cacao Chant Ceremonies of Light, Love & Empowerment
Music Heals and uplifts the Soul allowing Spirit to come in and take up residence. Sacred Songs and mantras allows Us to enter into a resonant state of being,  through the power of experiencing our own voice and vibration ~ ….instilling a deeper connection to our Spiritual Self.
Invocation to the Ancestors, Ancient Ones, Enlightened Masters/Mothers and Archangels to anchor in a portal allowing access to higher dimensions of light and love for the purpose of personal and planetary evolution .
Prayers and Songs create a bridge between Mother Earth and Father Sky~
The Violet Alchemy® Empowerments are divine gifts from the archangels and Enlightened masters of higher light frequencies to support the Expansion of our Bodies of Light. Each Ceremony delivers 4-5 Empowerments.
Raw Organic Cacao Elixir is served ( drinking it is OPTIONAL) in a 2 oz. dose to support the opening of the Heart, along with singing of Sacred Chants~
With Guest Musicians Dahlia Bartz Cabe on Guitar, Molly McCarthy Tweedy on frame Drum. Together we weave songs of Love, Peace and Empowerment through 3 part harmony, inviting all participants to join.
These gifts are dispensed through Languages of light and transmissions of Divine Rays and Shakti Frequencies, and engaging with the Breath in a conscious intentional way to create the energetic shifts …
Does your heart feel heavy and carry burdens?
Are you ready to rise up to make a difference?
Let us begin with creating a shift within, raising our consciousness, which can support the embodiment of  greater peace….

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”….

WE Embody the Empowerments and blessings through our JourneyDance™ together~
this is optional and included in Admission price~
 Text your name to 845-527-7564 to reserve your space- or type “YES I AM COMING” on our FB Event page. This is not Mandatory, but this is encouraged so we will have enough Cacao Elixir for everyone~ 
Chant Ceremony of Empowerment  & JourneyDance™
DATES: @The Living Seed Yoga Center, 521 Main St. New Paltz, NY 12561   7:30-10:30pm,  $25
Dec.3rd, 2016-Ceremony-Activating the Expanded Consciousness of our Co-creator Selves
Feb. 11th, 2017-Ceremony of re-Connection
April 8th, 2017- Ceremony of Empowered Action
June 24th, 2017- Ceremony of Sanctified Love

“We call upon the Ancestors, through all lineages, and 9 Mighty Archangels to open the 7 directions, inviting Spirit of Mother Earth, to open up the Portal beneath us, & the Council of Enlightened Ones who open the Spiritual portals on behalf of Humanity.”

6.24.17 “Violet Alchemy® Cacao, Chant, Dance, Ceremony of Sanctified LOVE” $25 7:30-9:30

“As a Celestial Sound Shaman, We transmit the Divine Gifts of Light, Love and Power, for Personal Empowerment and Planetary Evolution.”

w/ Dona Ho Ama’zjhi, Creator of Violet Alchemy®, Sacred Singer Songwriters -Dahlia Bartz-Cabe & Molly McCarthy Tweedy

Shakti JourneyDance™ w/ Dona Ama’zjhi- 9:45- 10:30 pm @ The Living Seed Yoga Center 521 Main St., New Paltz, NY 12561

We initiate and activate the Divinity that lies within as One Family.

Cacao Blessings and Consumption to Open the Heart.

Opening and Anchoring the Portal- w/ the Archangels.

Together we will weave 4 Chants/Sacred Songs,

VA® Empowerments, Higher envisioning, & Breath of Purification
Violet Alchemy® Empowerments with Ruby Tara, Archangel Faith, Archangel Sandalphon, Universal Mother Isis & Ama’zjhi


Violet Alchemy® Cacao Ceremony of Empowerment & Chant
DATES: @ The Wholeness Center , Valley Cottage (Nyack) NY  7-9:15 $35
April 21st 2017- Ceremony of Reconnection
May 19th 2017 – Ceremony of Deepening Presence
These are some of the Empowerments that we offer.
1. Empowerment #1- Archangelic Blessing of Peace- Chime Song
2. Empowerment#2 – Archangel Michael- Crystalline Sword of Cleansing
3. Empowerment #3 – Archangel Gabriel – Illuminated Orb of Awakening
4. Empowerment #4 – Archangel Zadkiel – Violet Mist of Forgiveness to remove the Veil of Judgement
5. Empowerment#5- Archangel Metatron – Waterfall of Snowflake Geometries for the Re-crystallization Of Purpose
6. Empowerment #1 – Freedom Fire of Absolution w/ Archangel Zadkiel- what blocks you from your freedom? how do you enslave yourself
7. Empowerment #3 Saint Germaine- blessing for the return of innocence
8. Empowerment#4 – Archangel Jophiel-Halo of the Higher Sun re-establishing recognition of Higher truth.
9. Empowerment#1- Lady Nada -ascended Presence of Magdalen- dispensation for Higher awakening- “being the bridge for accelerated change”- Holographic Mirror of Magnificence
10. Empowerment #2- Archangel Gabriel- blessing wave of illuminated sight – to support our higher sight to discern what is right course of action.
11. Empowerment#3- ArchangelFaith – and Solar Empowerment Elixir of Will and Initiative to strengthen Faith and devotion to the path of sacredness.
12. Empowerment#4- Sananda- the Sacred Heart of impassioned Action -Light technology
13. Empowerment #5- Ama’zjhi- Shakti Transmission

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