“Dona Ho has been a tremendous guide for me for both, the seen and unseen, in my life for the last twenty years.  I can’t recommend her highly enough!  Aidan Quinn, Actor, “Elementary” -CBS

“As an arts practitioner and human being subjected to environmental and societal toxins, my self-care and maintenance must include a healing regiment. Its base may be in nutrition, physical and spiritual methods but for that which bewilders even the most experienced professional, I have had to wade through and unfortunately be disappointed by a virtual ocean of those who claim to have healing powers.  In over 15 years of receiving treatments, I have never met anyone as precise, compassionate, surgical and affordable as Dona Ama’zjhi. Take it from me, if you are dealing with an illness, which is quite possibly 90% energetic in its root cause, there are not many “MASTERS” that can guarantee clear results than Violet Alchemy ®’s   Creator and Founder Dona Ho Lightsey.”~ Michael Brian Baker, Founder The Breath Center, Ojai, CA

“My sessions with Dona have been nothing short of miraculous. The accuracy of the channeled Violet Alchemy® method as well as her own intuitive channeling, is always spot on. In my last session my energetic brain fog and tiredness lifted, I have felt more like myself and although this was over a period of a few months of doing sessions, the effect was most pronounced in my last one. Also in helping my husband and kids I am floored at the accuracy and shifts that happen through clearing stuck energies from past lives, from finding the templates (which can translate into someone’s personality) and other energies. The sessions have helped my girls become more harmonious, allowed my baby to even consider weaning and for my husband to let go of patterns that have held him back for years. Dona I cannot say enough about your work and I know we will know each other for a long time! I am so grateful for the gift you offer humanity in this day and age.”  Muneeza Akhtar Ahmed- Medical Intuitive

  “The work I have done with Dona Ama’zjhi, through Violet Alchemy, has been truly life changing. I have done other clearing work in the past but I felt that I still had blocks that needed to be overcome. I could not understand why I was not making progress. Then I happened on Dona’s website. I drove and hour and a half for the first session because I wanted to meet her in person. I was not disappointed. Our session for my daughter and the family healing that has continued to unfold has been a blessing. I have conducted follow up sessions over the phone for various issues. Dona Ama’zjhi is always direct and accessible and I feel truly blessed to have work with her through Violet Alchemy ® for my own personal healing and evolution.~” Diana Waller CT

Connecting with Dona has been a true gift!  If you’re ready to let go of negative energy and karmic baggage that’s holding you back, she can help.  Dona released things from my past that were having a negative impact on my life, enabling me to heal old wounds and fully move forward.  Even if something happened a long time ago, it doesn’t mean the energy of the event has been fully released or that it’s not still affecting you on a deeper level.  You may also not be aware of what you brought into this life energetically from a past life.  Dona can find the specific energies that are holding you back and release them so that you can reveal your authentic self.  If you’ve ever had moments where you ask yourself, why am I afraid or why am I easily angered, or whatever your trigger happens to be, there is likely an energy associated with those emotions that can and should be released.  There is nothing more rewarding than being able to approach your life authentically, without negative influences.  And Dona’s warmth and understanding is a wonderful blessing that eases you along your healing journey.  No other method has had such a powerful and positive impact on my life.  Let go, have faith and give it a try – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Tanya Wallace
” My session with Ama’zjhi Dona Ho was more than i could have ever imagined. It was humbling and exhausting and beautiful. It cleared the way for me to see my own soul. The world that we understand is only a speck of what there is. Dona created a safe, trusting, environment for me to see what was mine to hold onto and what was not. it was one of the best intense experiences of my life!” Lucy Moran, NY.

Brand new eyes!! There are NO words for the healing accomplished in 90 minutes with this woman. My entire life “clicked” into place, every decision I have ever made, the reason I made it and the awareness and clarity to step this entire life up to a new reality. Breathtakingly beautiful and perfect!! 3 days after our session I stepped out of a vehicle and literally felt the EARTH wrap around my foot. New dimension, new reality, new perspective, new decisions…..NEW LIFE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH Dona Ho Lightsey!! There are no words for what you have done for me. xoxoxoxox Jonelle Robson, Alberta Canada

I just want to say thank you so much to Ama’zjhi, Dona Ho Lightsey! I was trained in Violet Alchemy ® : Multi-Dimensional Healing over two years ago and am now sitting in on her latest training of eight amazing women. It is hard to explain the impact that this training and work has had on my life – saying it is truly significant is an understatement. I am in constant awe of the beauty that surrounds us in every moment – VA has helped me appreciate that every thing, every person, every moment is phenomenal. It has also given me a deep level of confidence in myself, my abilities and the world around us that nothing else could. I am truly grateful for this gift in my life. Words can do it justice – it’s something you have to experience for yourself. I hope that you do <3~ Julie Robbins 10/15

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  1. So grateful for Dona! I didn’t know what to expect when I had my first session. I had so much sadness and feelings of abandonment weighing on my shoulders. I felt sense of hopelessness. She helped lift all the bad energy and feelings of sadness out of my body. I now feel reborn again and have peace within my heart. She is truly remarkable!

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