VA® Ascension Mystery Classes

Violet Alchemy® Ascension Mystery Classes -This series of Mystery Classes are for those who are ready to work with their energy body and light body in a more deliberate and refined way. With Specific direction and Guidance from the Enlightened Masters we will be gifted with Divine Frequencies of Sacred Sound and the Sacred Flames of Colored Rays of light. Enter into a collective group Heart experience to exponentially propel your spiritual path. Receive Celestial Sound Codes to awaken and activate the 22 strand DNA, then receive Divine Mother transmissions from the Celestial realms to anchor in the frequencies and experience of Oneness. In our ongoing Mystery Classes we create thru our intentions sacred space through sacred geometry and guided meditations bringing forth through invitation an Archangel and an Ascended master to work with.

“The Mystery School at Violet Alchemy is a great and affordable program that appeals to all levels…So, if you have worked with the advanced aspects such as Mahatma, Melchizedek, MerKaBa, the Twelve Rays or if you have worked with Angels or are totally new to all of this, you are in for an incredible ride…”
~ John D.

Since 2005 – Violet Alchemy® Ascension Mystery Classes welcomes you to this ongoing study group where you can: • Awaken and develop your spiritual gifts
• Claiming your Divinity through deep guided heart meditations.
• Learn the power of Invocation and prayer and the I AM presence.
• Learn about the Violet Flame of Forgiveness and How to apply it.
• Learn about the 7 Sacred Flames and their powerful applications.
• Explore the Anatomy of the Human Energy Field and the Chakra System.
• Learn to connect with the Archangelic Realm and Enlightened Masters
• Receive healing, through Sound transmissions, w/crystal bowls/gong
• Learn about karma and the Universal laws.
• Experience and participate in group healing Meditations and Activations
In the past years we have worked directly with many masters including  Saint Germaine, Babaji, Mother Mary, Sananda/Jesus, Lady Nada, Buddha, Tara, Krishna, Magdalen, Quan Yin, and Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel, Metatron.
As Rainbow Bridge, we allow ourself to be a vessel for the divine transmissions from Source as a form of sacred service. Channelled from an open heart, the transmissions begin to flow out into the energy field of the environment raising the frequency within the environment and all who are present who are receptive to the transmissions. I AM a conduit between heaven and earth , we receive high frequency transmissions of love, light and healing as well as messages of wisdom that are offered to all in our circle from the heart of Gaia through the Celestial planes of light.
No experience is necessary , We will however go into deep meditative states of consciousness for 30 – 50 minutes at a time. The divine transmissions are powerfully healing and also include Sound healing which are offered as light language, singing, toning and use of crystal bowls and Gong.

Meetings take place at Violet Alchemy® 44 South Ohioville Rd, New Paltz, NY 12561
From Route 299, we are 4/10s mile down South Ohioville on the left at #44 Mailbox. 
Drive down dirt driveway, please park in driveway and conscientiously.

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