Violet Alchemy® Certification Training 2018

Dear Hearts this will be our 7th year teaching Violet Alchemy® and we have been guided to teach it differently. We have never fully taught the other part of Violet Alchemy® which is “Cleansing with Archangel Michael ” in its entirety, because there was still so much to understand regarding the removal, releasing and transmuting of lower vibrational energies. We are now ready after 6 years, to share the Cleansing Part of this Profound Ancient System of Arcturian Healing Technology.
Prior to Healing unresolved psychology and lifting the Burdens and suffering from One’s heart through transmutation and forgiveness, “Cleansing” of the Energy Field is essential to clear out the distorted, dissonant and destructive energies that may have been accumulated over many years or from intense experiences of fear, trauma, illness or addiction. In our weekly practice, as the Creator of Violet Alchemy®, over and over again we have seen amazing results for those who truly were dedicated to working with Spirit and the Violet Alchemy® System.

Violet Alchemy®Dowsing Certification
Part 1-Cleansing, Part 2-Healing
((PRE -REQUISITE PENDULUM USE 101- 3/2eve-3/3 10-5pm

March 17th 10-5pm – December 2,2018

Violet Alchemy® is an ancient Arcturian modality brought forth for these times of accelerated change to allow the true inner Divine Self to be activated and liberated allowing evolution of consciousness and a reclaimation of One’s Divine Potential. VA®Healing was delivered over a 7 year period, 2000-2007, from the Enlightened Ascended Masters and Archangels to Ama’zjhi which she then officially registered as a Modality of Psychology & Energy Healing on 2/10/2010. In 2011, VA®Cleansing began it’s development and was completed in 2017.  Now in 2018 we bring both parts together for the first time.

This Alchemical Path of Ascension is a transformative, journey for One’s Soul. This Modality of Vibrational Healing is an empowering and potent system to support the development of self awareness, responsibility and initiative towards embodying the divine Potential.

Each Student will under go transformative embodied change, in our 10 month journey Of Violet Alchemy Cleansing and Healing together.
Each Student will need to present 20 case studies to be Certified ~ if you are just taking the Cleansing we will ask you for 12 case studies.

VA® HEALING= It is an advanced system for uncovering and revealing the cause, core root issues, to obstacles, imbalances and dysfunction that create stagnancy, suffering, dissonance and distortion for a Soul, whether Karmic, or unresolved psychology or connections to others (beliefs, memories, thoughts, illusions, trauma, drama etc ).
VA® CLEANSING= Consists of purification and cleansing of energetic disturbance, distance and any energies that are creating FEAR, ADDICTION, Mental instability, Emotional Instability, unwanted paranormal experiences, inability to disconnect from another, Chaos, destructive tendencies…. These energies are what we refer to as attachments that are amplifying fears and core wounding, that a Soul/Being is being plagued by. Removal of these kinds of energies directly and immediately alleviates suffering from instability and disturbance.
In our 17 years of experience of being the creator of this system and a Violet Alchemy® Healing facilitator, of over 5,000 sessions, we know that this system was given to Humanity for these times of change to support than many awakening Souls to quickly balance their Karma so that the Birthing of One’s true Soul purpose and divine Mission may actualize and anchor for the Evolution of Mother Earth and Humanity.
PLEASE email me or text ASAP if this system interests You, and you are considering or are ready to make a commitment to the Alchemical transformation of this Certification training.   845- 527-7564

~ develop a deep understanding of the Psychology of the Chakra system
~ understand how karmic patterns, wounds and themes are held in the Human Energy Field
~ learn the Integrity & Art of Dowsing with a self clearing Egyptian Brass Pendulum to receive clarity
~ develop your receptivity and intuitive capabilities
~ develop your connection with your Higher Self and the Archangels to invoke their Support
~ use the Violet Flame of transmutation, Forgiveness and Liberation and the other 11 sacred fires of Love.
~ learn how to communicate with the Enlightened Masters & Archangels and receive Guidance to be a Facilitator of Healing and Cleansing as a Violet Alchemy® Practitioner.
~ learn to offer CLEANSING with 6 sacred Mantras for Cleansing in the Language of Light and the difference between dissonant attachments needing cleansing, and contracts and agreements and beliefs that need healing.
~learn how to use the power of sound and ignite your empowered Voice to support and magnify your intentions.
~Receive 5 Attunements, 2 for Cleansing and 3 for Healing.
~Learn how to deliver and use specific Empowerment Gifts from the Enlightened Masters and Archangels.

Bring your Lunch and water bottle, Journal /pen, Egyptian Brass Pendulum is recommended ( you may purchase at we like the 6 to 7 ring.)

Manual included

2018 Certified Training= March 17 – Dec. 2, 2018

Part 1- Cleansing- consists of 4 Saturdays and 6 Monday evenings~
((Saturdays 10-5:30 pm= March 17th, March 31st, April 21st, May 12th
Monday eves 6:30-8:30 pm= March 19 & 26th, April 2 & 9 & 23rd, May 7th.))
Sat. March 17. 10-5pm
Mon. March 19 & Mon. March 26th, 6:30-8:30pm
Sat. March 31st.,10-5pm
Mon. April 2., Mon. April 9th, 6:30-8:30pm
Sat. April 21, 10-5pm
Mon. April 23rd, Mon. May 7th., 6:30-8:30pm
Sat. May 12th. 10-5pm WE COMPLETE THIS SECTION

Payment Plan for Cleansing ONLY~  For RETURNING STUDENTS who have already been through the Training ~ 3/15- $310, 4/7- $310, 4/28- $260  = $880

Part 2- Healing- 7 Weekends-Sat.& Sun. & 4 additional Sundays
Sat & Sun. June 9-10, + Sunday the 24th
Sat & Sun. July 7-8, +Sunday the 22nd
Sat & Sun. August 4-5, +Sunday the 19th
Sat & Sun. Sept.8-9, +Sunday the 23rd
Sat & Sun. October 6-7, +Sunday 28th – (one Sunday will be cancelled)
Sat & Sun. November 3-4,
Sat & Sun. December 1-2.
ALL CLASSES WILL BE OFFERED LIVE ONLINE THRU ZOOM … Some Videos and all recordings  will be available through Dropbox which may be accessed  from a computer, if you can not make a class.

*COMMITTED- $3300 Tuition- Register with paid Deposit $1100, second Payment $1100- due May1st, third payment $1100 due Sept.8th – 4th weekend of HEALING

**ENTHUSIASTIC- $3000 Tuition-Register with $2000 paid in full
Balance of $1000, due August 4th- Third weekend of HEALING

***DEVOTED – $2770 = Register with a paid deposit of $2200, Balance of $520 due June 9th, first day of VA ® HEALING.

EXTENDED PAYMENT PLAN FOR THIS 10 MONTH JOURNEY- March 17th-Dec. 2, 2018 =Registration first payment $500, then $270 due every month~

Credit Card – 3% Fee added. Paypal Accepted as Friends and Family .

Ama’zjhi Dona Ho Lightsey is the only Violet Alchemy® Teacher of this modality

This training allows you to be a Certified Practitioner of Violet Alchemy® Cleansing & Healing, but does not entitle anyone to teach this system.

RETURNING STUDENTS~ WHO WISH TO LEARN- VIOLET ALCHEMY ® CLEANSING with Sacred Sound and Intention. Tuition=$880 We begin with Sound and Intention and the learn in depth the Cleansing protocols, categories, how to work with the VA® Cleansing team. Receive 2 attunements, Learn the 6 levels of Dissonance & 6 light language Mantras for cleansing and recalibration, 8 Light Technologies to use different technologies of light to cleanse and the 9 different categories of attachments and MORE!

RETURNING STUDENTS WHO WISH TO RETAKE VIOLET ALCHEMY® HEALING after the cleansing= the full Mystery School- depending on size of class we may have room for returning students additional $560 (for 7 more months) + $880= $1440 for all classes for the 10 months!!!

“These teachings are but the beginning of the work that will go on for the New Earth. The feminine is coming into her strength. This blending of new ideas for Violet Alchemy® work is bringing in more gifts from the Divine Mother. It will strengthen the Violet Alchemy® as well as bring in more healing for All. Rejoice! in your creation, your ideas. We will, in larger numbers, support you!”
~ Lord Serapis Bey
My commitment to you in this training is to be an open and clear channel receiving guidance from Great Divine Director and the Enlightened Masters and Mothers of Ascension, Saint Germaine, Mother Isis Lady Nada, Sananda, Lord Maitreya and Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael for it is they who over light this work.
In the Violet Alchemy® Dowsing training and certification, you will:
RECEIVE the Trinity attunements – 3 separate attunements to bring you into divine alignment with Divine wisdom, Divine compassion and Divine Innocence. To ACTIVATE the 22 strand DNA of the original Adam-Kadmon body/ Christ-Buddha consciousness within your Lightbody.
CONNECT with the Divine presence of your 3 Fold flame within the heart Chakra to experience your multi- dimensional self and remember your divinity.
RECLAIM your mastery as an empowered facilitator of healing through conscious connection to your Lightbody and Pendulum Dowsing.
CREATE a Bridge to commune with Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Metatron ; and the enlightened Masters and Mothers of ascension, ISIS, Mother Mary, St.Germaine, Lord Buddha, Quan Yin, Sananda and Lady Nada, Lord Maitreya, and Mother Gaia.
COMMUNE directly with your guides and these Masters/Mothers to channel information and dispensations.
DELIVER divine frequency as you assist the Masters and Angels to offer karmic absolution. EXPERIENCE yourself as a multi-dimensional being with advanced pyschic-spiritual capabilities. This modality of healing was created, delivered, invoked, remembered and given to me over a 7 year period, from the Ascended Masters and Archangel Gabriel from 2002 to 2008 and still continues to evolve with my own personal, spiritual evolution. To be a clear conduit for information in the highest way is what allows the work to be transmitted and creates healing by the transmutation of Karmic imprints and denser or lower vibrational frequencies. It is with GREAT INTENTION that this modality is offered and it is held with INTEGRITY of the highest order. It is by the grace of the Angelic Realm and the Ascended Masters that this work has been allowed to come to fruition. The journey of remembering has been awe-inspiring and many beautiful people have come into my life to co-create the evolution process of this alchemical healing technique.
Violet Alchemy® Dowsing Training offers:
* Karmic Absolution = Invoking SOURCE/God/dess, the Angelic realm and the Ascended Masters of the Karmic board to offer their gifts of frequency. We work in a co-creative process to resolve, heal and balance, negative programs, pastlife wounds and themes, fragments, belief systems, vows, contracts, oaths, promises, curses and spells from previous lifetimes as well as the present. * Departed Soul Crossing- you will learn how to cross a Departed soul into the light
* Soul Retrieval = at times it is necessary to retrieve aspects of oneself from another or offer backs fragments that were taken on. This is common between family members and close relationships. We want to help heal or to control a situation or someone, and so an energy exchange is common though not necessarily conscious on either party’s part. This creates dysfunction within the relationship, and so it is important to release, heal and retrieve the aspects for each individual. Also, aspects of the soul that have been missing due to trauma and brokeness will be retrieved, and integrated into the chakra system and energy bodies with an offering of Angelic assistance and gifts of empowerment.
* Rebuild and Expand the energy field = we anchor and channel the appropriate Sound Frequency and Color Frequency from different masters and angels of the Godhead into the chakras and realign all energetic systems throughout the physical and energetic bodies. This recalibrates the energy field to resonate to these higher frequencies of love, light, unity and oneness creating significant change within, which will bring change into your outer world.
The type of pendulums we use are Egyptian brass healing pendulums that are self clearing and emit white, gold and violet frequencies the most healing colors of the spectrum. Clockwise, it energizes the body; counterclockwise, it calms the nervous system. Relieves pain and strengthens the immune system. It is effective even when used by beginners and inexperienced healers.
((May the Divine Order of this work create freedom from within, so that the microcosm of who we are can be mirrored in the macrocosm of Mother Earth and beyond. SO BE IT!! ~ Dona Ho Lightsey))
“Dona Ho Lightsey holds sacred space like no other. During private healings as well as group facilitation, she creates a space of both safety and high frequency for the most profound healing and transformation to take place. Having completed her Violet Alchemy® Dowsing certification, I have walked through the alchemical fires to become myself anew. I was also honored to witnessed the beauty of this transformation with each individual in the group. Nothing can describe the inner changes that continue to take place through saying YES to this journey. I am in deep and humble gratitude to Dona and to the Divinity that expresses through her.”
~ Rev. Jennifer Kluska, founder of The Lightwork Network
“It completely clears you of any dross and residue that is not in alignment with your true self. It prepares you to become a holy vessel, to hold space for a sacred gift, to offer to the world. The journey was eye opening, life changing and profoundly enlightening on many levels. This work allows you to facilitate such a deep level of healing while being fully supported by the heavenly realms. I felt such a deep connection with all the sisters of the group, it felt like a return and a reunion to a Sacred Order that has been waiting for so long to emerge. I could feel the familiarity of these women even on the first training weekend. What I gained throughout really confirmed the deep desire I had to be apart of this training. Even if it meant I had to travel far to be there month after month. It was beyond worth it, it was life changing.”
~Sharon Stelluto, Sacred Artist
“If you have heard the call to assist others in the journey of transformation and you resonate with the Divine Feminine teachings and frequencies, then going through the VA® training will truly transform you to be able to assist another. This training has empowered me to stand in my God/Goddess/I AM presence by teaching me true humility and grace. This training has also allowed me to be a stronger conduit to Divine Energies. I have become a clearer and more direct conduit with the Divine. Dona teaches that grounding with Gaia allows us to anchor in the LIght creating a larger and stronger pillar of Light in our beingness. A beautiful experience. Iwill be forever grateful.”
~Rev. Naomi Fay – Interfaith Minister

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