Shakti – JourneyDance™

“Shakti JourneyDance™ ”  Thursday Evenings- 7:45-9pm

7 classes May 18th- June 29th,

 7 classes July 13th- August 24th 

Suggested Donation $10- 7,
The Living Seed Yoga Center
521 Main St. New Paltz, NY 12561

WE honor and empower each other in the dance , and re-unite with SPIRIT!
WE co-create together thru intentional movement in sacred space!
 WE move through the chakras and elements of earth, fire, water, and air.
  Together we create a joyful and releasing experience of sacred movement.
A Cosmic Dance of Creation, as we explore the inner landscape of our emotions letting go of the limiting chaos of our minds. We connect to SPIRIT through our BodyTemple, awakening the creator powers of the sacred self. We Invite the Goddess, Healing Shaman, the wild One, the warrior and the Muse to play in a safe and wildly fun environment, and receive the blessings of SPIRIT!
~ Receive Sound healing transmissions.
~ Guided Dance Movement, No choreography to learn.

Dona Ho Lightsey has been Guiding JourneyDance™ since 2009. As a Celestial Sound Shaman, Sacred Ceremonialist, and Creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing, Cleansing and Empowerment, Dona Ama’zjhi brings a wide array of Spiritual, intuitive gifts to the Dance Journey Experience.

A lover of dance and Holy expression, Dona creates a safe, healing haven for liberated movement and spiritual connection.
contact Dona Ama’zjhi @ 845-527-7564

i depend upon this very week to align and center myself”
“My experience tonite was so moving it made me cry”
“This class was EPIC and i don’t use that term lightly”
“I can’t wait for next week!!”

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