Violet Alchemy® Cleansing


Violet Alchemy® Cleansing- 

 “This powerful modality liberates souls, homes, businesses and bodies of land from negativity and the energies of deep rooted suppression, manipulation, violence and control”

“VIOLET ALCHEMY® CLEANSING”, is an amazingly accurate, advanced modality for identifying what we refer to as  Themes of Misalignment, Templates of Tendency, Imprints etc. These are low vibrational, external energies that have entered the human energy field that are unconscious energy attachments, labeled as negative, disempowering , detrimental or devious, that may hold an intention, or shall we say by their very nature dismantle, destroy, deny the light or love, or anything connected to divinity. These attachments resonate with fear, separation, destruction, domination, subjugation, victimization, chaos and hatred. At this time there are 13 categories of energies that Archangel Michael has given to us to identify and cleanse to liberate a being from these Unconscious polarized energies of negativity. Some of these energies are extreme and can give one an experience of psychosis, or physical, emotional or mental de-stabilization.
VA®CLEANSING sessions are extremely helpful If you are experiencing addictions, depression, unusual negative experiences, desperation, threat, being paralyzed by fear or limiting thoughts, extreme emotions, thoughts or behaviors of rage, retaliation, aggression, suicide, victimization, an inability to rise out of a negative situation, being plagued by illness, darkness, or other souls who seem to have a hold on you and unexplainable fears. Through a few sessions of this powerful modality, Many have experienced a significant shift in their Being from the removal of external attachments and agreements of dis- empowerment. This is accomplished through the delivery of high frequency light transmissions into the energy field and body with Catalytic alchemical Sound languages of light and a TEAM of Masters and Archangels who lift us back into a place of healing and wholeness.

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WE are Archangel Michael’s Warrior of LOVE – Dispelling the Dissonant, unconscious energies that can attach, linger, pervade and create chaos, instability, agitation and fear.

In 2011-2012 Archangel Michael and Master Great Divine Director began initiating us into a journey of LOVE over FEAR. Each time we were  witness to the many undercurrents and blatant affects of fear and illusion. It was a MASTERFUL guided journey of great depth and intensity, filled with impeccable direction and magnificent activations of light frequency. Still, We were resistant most of the way. It never was a conscious desire of our to look into the dark abyss of entities, demons and such, but it was the Light of Archangel Michael that lead us, and the Love of God that gave the courage to see what was being shown by Spirit on behalf of humanity’s healing. WE have learned not to judge these energies, but to invoke the divine power of  the Family of LIGHT who can bring into alignment what can through the cleansing and clearing of all that is not in divine alignment.

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