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“I want to acknowledge and to communicate with you about the work we’ve been doing – it is truly profound. I am a PhD mental health professional who has spent a lifetime using intuition and energy medicines with transpersonal psychology as the basis for healing and transformational processes with others and or myself. Your work truly stands out among the many many modalities that I have experienced, trained in or practiced. I literally have never had work that so clearly pinpointed the emotional issues at hand so specifically, so comprehensively and in such integrated patterns as you do with your method. I hope that you will teach far and wide, and I highly recommend any teachings you do to others.
With warm regards and much gratitude,
Kathleen C, Atlanta, GA.

Violet Alchemy® Dowsing transmutes, 3D consciousness (lead) into the higher awareness and experience of 5D consciousness (gold) of unconditional love, respect, peace, unity, oneness, We facilitate the cleansing and karmic absolution of negative programs, karmic wounds and themes, past life unresolved fragments, vows, promise, oaths , contract, genetic curses, negative attachments, cords of dysfunction, fragments of exchange, Adverse energy Spirits, limiting beliefs, and Human Mis-creations. Aligning with the intention to be in co-creation with SPIRIT through free will and choice and through the dispensations of Divine frequencies (7 Sacred flames) from the Archangels and enlightened Masters and Mothers of Ascension, forgiveness, transmutation, healing, purification, alignment, illumination, renewal and rebirth is offered.

What is Violet Alchemy® Healing?
 Violet Alchemy® Dowsing is Energy Healing of the highest order. It is a powerful modality where we facilitate intensive restructuring of the Human Energy Field through Divine Intervention and Co-creation. By aligning your intentions with that of your highest good and highest healing, moving personality and ego aside, the truest essence of your Divine SELF can reveal that which would be best to clear, retrieve or heal and then, with divine assistance, rebuilding, re-patterning and re-calibration of the Light Body can begin to take place.

Violet Alchemy® Dowsing works with the Energy Psychology of the Chakras. It brings awareness and understanding to each individual, which then empowers and enables change through self responsibility and Divine assistance bringing illumination. Through the power of forgiveness and transmissions of higher frequencies of divine love and light we can transmute the energetic blocks which are the obstacles to the souls expansion, evolution and ascension, to heal and support.

We have facilitated thousands and thousands of energy healing sessions over the past the past 20 years and we are still humbled by the divine assistance that  create the miracles of healing and a return to wholeness.

We look forward to serving you or continuing the journey.

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  1. Dona is amazing!!! I recently had a healing session with her to work on issues that I had been struggling with for awhile. She really dug down to the root of each issue and eradicated them all. Now I feel better then I have in over a year. I am beyond thankful for her skills and love in healing. I would highly recommend her for healing sessions as well as house clearings. She cleared my new house as well, and I could immediately feel a shit and a lightness that I hadn’t felt at this house.

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