What is Shakti- JourneyDance™?

So what is SHAKTI – JourneyDance? We Got certified in 2009 by Toni Bergins, the Awesome dynamic Creatrix of JourneyDance™ to be a JD Guide.  As a full time Energy healer and Teacher of Mystery Schools we wanted a way to support others on a spiritual path to activate and embody the creative flow within. For myself, JD was it! We had a hard time in other dance classes for we felt confined by the orchestrated steps and choreography and it became a mental task rather than a liberating experience. Over 8 years we have led these JourneyDances… whether we have a an ongoing class of 6 , a special event group of 35 or just one person who shows up, I AM GRATEFUL for the opportunity to enter into the Creation Dance of Shiva… Nataraj…..to be able to attune into my inner sanctum, the holy Temple of this body Vessel. WE encourage full on meeting of Self , wherever you may be on that particular day…. We offer Full permission to explore all parts of YOU, whether she be the restrained hopeless one, or the refined contained one, the angry chaotic one, the disheveled disorganized one, the purposeful on task one, the mission accomplished one, the brokenhearted, the broken open…we invite in the Sage, Warrior, the Priestess, the Dakini, The Destroyer and the Creatrix to BE RESPONSIBLE FOR HERSELF FOR HIMSELF and take charge by Shfting one’s own energy in the Dance… we are our own healers and through intention and awareness we can connect into the chakra system and recalibrate ourselves delivering ourselves into balance, peace, expansion, release ,joy and self love. We read the collective energy of the group and enter into a HigherSelf stream to Guide the Sacred Movement.  The Music we play ranges from lyrical to shamanic, etheric to funky, and supports us to connect with the elements of earth, fire, water, and ether, all elements that live within us.  We connect into the Chakras to empower them with color light frequency and we invite in SPIRIT, Angels, Guides and our Ancestors to Dance with us…. We enter an expanded realm where healing is available to meet parts of ourselves to remember and  reclaim our Power of Creation, the sacred, the sexual, the spiritual.   After the guided Dance we offer the invitation to lay down to receive a transmission of Divine Light in ancient languages of light and Shakti Love through Our Voice and Body to expand and empower your energybodies. This supports the self healing and offers an experience of Oneness and Reconnection. Our time together is JOYFUL….extremely healing, balancing, expanding and nourishes the Soul deeply through Communion with Spirit and Mother Earth.  We are empowered through our time together in the Sacred Dance in an Energy  Sacred Temple.  This is our Nourishment, Food for our Soul, Practice of Self Devotion, not only for ourself but we dance the dance  for  others, our family, our community and Mother Earth.

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