Who is Ama’zjhi?

In 2007, 10 years ago, we received our God presence name. It was shared with us by our Teacher Qala Sri Ama Phoenix.  She did not name us, but rather she traveled through the Akashic records and Libraries of light to tell us what our name was in the Higher dimensions. Who our  Soul/Spirit was known as,  and what SHE had Mastery in . Anyone who has participated in a Year long Sacred Mystery School with Qala and the enlightened Masters and Archangels and either with  AmaYa, Lelama or Illumina, as co-teacher, had the supreme gift of being told One’s God Presence name and what your “Keepership” was.  For the first few years we could not even relate to our name because all we could do was to compare our name to Ammachi, the Hugging Saint from India. It was, in our mind, too big of a name to step into at the time and we were not capable of relating to our name, never mind using this name. Over these past 10 years it has indeed been an evolution. An evolution of our consciousness and understanding of  our name and what it means to us to use this name.  Our Keepership,  like a title was definitely a bit of a mystery to unravel, even though we did get some information of what our keepership was about. It is about the 7 streams of Creation. The Divine Mother, The Dreamer, The Healer, The Artist, The Visionary, The Divine Voice  Channel and the StoryTeller, each a stream  of Creation that we were re- learning to embody.  We are the Keeper of the Divine Mother’s Breath…… what?…… thats right…..of the Divine Mother’s Breath……. what could that possible mean???  Divine Mother’s Breath is the Breath of creation before coming into form, or might we say the breath of creation is that which animates and then manifests into form .  This is what we have come to understand and we are still learning!!  There are so many layers to truly understanding on a multi-dimensional level, so it is ever evolving,  this allowing the thousand petaled lotus of ONE SELF to bloom.

Back to Ama’zjhi….. Being in Spiritual Community with Qala since 2005, has encouraged us to explore this name of ours and the desire to claim it grew with each passing year. At first we could not, would not even share it for the first 4 months with anyone…what would they think?? they might think we are saying , “we are just like Ammachi ..”, and OMG we could not let that happen!.  So we secretly held it in our heart that someday we could feel good about claiming it.  We did have many in our spiritual Community call us Ama’zjhi, for this was our name, and had always been, to them.  Our life felt very compartmentalized and it took time for us to allow the blending of Dona Ho and Ama’zjhi to simultaneously express through us.  We did know that Ama meant Mother. Being a Mother to 2 adults and Mother Figure to many through our Spiritual Healing gave us the right to use this title, so we thought.     As a Graduate Mentor of the Divine University (www.thesiriuslibaray.com)  and part of a large community, it has been our collective goal to launch ourselves as Spiritual mentors and teachers in 2017. All of this simultaneously happening with the re-Creating of our website for the past 3 1/2 months. Of Course the higher guidance was to use Ama’zjhi instead of Violet Alchemy® Healing as our new Domain Name so it would coincide with our evolution in the Divine University.  No more  Compartmentalizing !  Time to integrate  in the outward way all that we were integrating internally…… Last week we decided to Google Zjhi, because we still did not know what we were the Mother of ; ) ….The Character Zjhi or Zhi in ancient Chinese meant Mind Heart or Wisdom/Compassion and in another dialect it is interpreted as Volition/ use of free will & power.  For 20 plus years we have been sharing the   truth about the 3 fold flame of divinity and the I AM presence. This 3 fold flame represents Blue= truth/ light/ wisdom, Pink=Healing/love/comapassion and Yellow=  Will/Power/Creation. So this makes us Mother of Love, Wisdom and Creation…..AH! Full Circle understanding is so rewarding!  Especially when those pieces of the puzzle begin to create a clearer picture.  We hold a new, deeper appreciation for our name. Actually, we believe it is a spiritual pride, an ownership… finally,  owning our SHIP of Truth, love and Creation.  I AM Ama’zjhi Anjelique Kumara…..and we are Grateful.

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