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Ama’zjhi is an initiated spiritual teacher and master healer on the Path of Ascension for 33 years. She is a seer and a divine voice channel for the Ascended Masters and Archangels.

As the creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing & Purification and JourneyDance™ Guide, she delivers divine activations and initiations for the ones who are ready to claim their divinity. 

As a vocal alchemist and sacred ceremonialist, she brings the wisdom teachings, sound codes, and songs for the reclamation of empowerment through the One Heart.

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Benefits & Results

Benefits & Results


CC Treadway

I have the great privilege to work closely with Ama’zjhi and receive the benefits of her healing, teaching and transmissions on a regular basis. A healer of 20 years myself, I only work with those who are carrying something special, integrated and next level. Her healing system, Violet Alchemy®, covers so many bases, so quickly, I’m usually astonished, but by now I just completely surrender and trust it. Besides clearing up some MAJOR issues in my life, especially around abandonment and sadness, I always leave sessions lighter, happier, and profoundly connected to my own spiritual channel.

Ama’zjhi is, well, relentless in her pursuit of the root cause, and her channel, sound healing and light codes are clearer and more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced. Besides her otherworldly abilities, it’s her generosity with her gift that invites me to fully receive. She is truly here in service to humanity, while having a total blast. Her enjoyment of life, and her confidence in spirit’s power is contagious, and so naturally my work with her has vastly improved my work with my own clients. Thank you so much my beloved Dona Amazjhi!

Luke Kohen

Ama’zjhi is a rare pillar of mystery school knowledge. As wise as she is expressed, she embodies the multidimensional, bridging into humble humanity as she guides and facilitates on levels beyond mind, ego or personality.

She has been a dear friend, mentor and healer on my life journey toward self mastery & I AM grateful to have been supported on my hero’s journey of awakening as a soul, by the unique codes her channel carries.

I have known her as Dona, my spirit mama & almost doula to levels of initiation I had not previously had any context for.

I would recommend her for any endeavor in the ceremonial arts and trainings for those that are serious on the road of healership, ascension, self mastery or personal development as a being.

Samantha Ibarguen

Working with Ama’zjhi Dona was like a year’s worth of therapy in 90 minutes. I hired Ama’zjhi because I specifically wanted the deep and strong spiritual support and “magic.”

I had been doing my own work around my family for fifteen years, and I needed Her final support and power to take it to the next level.

Our session was mindblowing, and I got aspects of myself in a way I never though possible. Hire Ama’zjhi if you are ready to rock, because she will rock with you.

She is powerful beyond measure, and will hold you up to your power and invite you to claim it, and claim it hard. I forgave my family – after 40 years of pain and blame. I stepped into my place as a priestess, for real. All of spirit was there with us, and I have no doubt that it was due to the strength of Ama’zjhi’s connection to spirit.

I can not recommend her enough, and words do not fully describe the multi-dimensional experience and shifts that happened during and after the session.

Muneeza Akhtar Ahmed

“My sessions with Dona Ama’zjhi have been nothing short of miraculous. The accuracy of the channeled Violet Alchemy® method as well as her own intuitive channeling, is always spot on. In my last session my energetic brain fog and tiredness lifted, I have felt more like myself and although this was over a period of a few months of doing sessions, the effect was most pronounced in my last one. Also in helping my husband and kids I am floored at the accuracy and shifts that happen through clearing stuck energies from past lives, from finding the templates (which can translate into someone’s personality) and other energies. The sessions have helped my girls become more harmonious, allowed my baby to even consider weaning and for my husband to let go of patterns that have held him back for years. I cannot say enough about your work and I know we will know each other for a long time! I am so grateful for the gift you offer humanity in this day and age.”

Michael Brian Baker

“As an arts practitioner and human being subjected to environmental and societal toxins, my self-care and maintenance must include a healing regiment.

Its base may be in nutrition, physical and spiritual methods but for that which bewilders even the most experienced professional, I have had to wade through and unfortunately be disappointed by a virtual ocean of those who claim to have healing powers.

In over 15 years of receiving treatments, I have never met anyone as precise, compassionate, surgical, and affordable as Ama’zjhi.

Take it from me, if you are dealing with an illness, which is quite possibly 90% energetic in its root cause, there are not many “MASTERS” that can guarantee clear results than Violet Alchemy ®’s Creator and Founder Ama’zjhi aka. Dona Ho Lightsey.”

Donna Brickwood

Ama’zjhi has been holding space for me since 2012 as she initiated me into the Violet Alchemy® Group Heart.

To witness her in her mastery as a Healer, and Empowered Leader, and Spokesperson for the Divine reflected something deep within me in my own Journey and Evolution.

The Temple space she holds allows for a beautiful blossoming and witnessing of your Soul’s growth and liberation.

Her expertise clears the slate and fans the flames to this growing fire within.

In my process, I met a Soul Tribe, my cup continues to overflow with the blessings of these powerful allies.

I am beyond grateful for the continued love, support and gifts that have entered into my life upon working with Ama’zjhi.